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Facilitator Materials

Service-Learning Facilitators assist faculty by conducting and coordinating meaningful service-learning projects within Georgia Southern classrooms. Once certified, Facilitators function as teaching colleagues to their faculty mentors.

Below are links to service-learning forms and materials used by Service-Learning Facilitators.

Service-Learning Facilitator Resource Packet

LEAD 3000 Syllabus

Faculty Handbook on Service-Learning

Service-Learning Checklist – helpful during the course design process

Mentoring a Service-Learning Facilitator – helpful in your early meetings with your Faculty mentor

In class materials:

Class Presentation Power Point Template

Participating Student — Facilitator Memo of Understanding

Participating Student — Facilitator Memo of Understanding –editable

University Service-Learning Waiver

University Service-Learning Waiver-editable

Release of Academic Student Information

Release of Academic Student Information – editable

Information for Online Background Check – Call the office at 912-478-1435

Facilitator Materials:

Thank you email and request for community partner feedback

Request for Facilitator Application -download, save under a new name, and open/edit in Word

Evaluative Rubric for Request for Facilitator Application – used by the Faculty Fellows to review Request

Final Project Completion Form – for certification

Facilitator Evaluation of Program – required for certification

Faculty Mentor Evaluation of Program and Facilitator – required for certification

Empowerment Post-Assessment– required for certification

Last updated: 3/18/2022