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As we seek to empower students to become dynamic leaders committed to making a positive impact in their communities, we are excited to provide the opportunity for students to earn certificates in three different areas. Join us for a transformative educational experience that goes beyond traditional boundaries, providing you with the tools to be a leader in your community and a force for positive change. If you are ready to take the next step in your journey explore our certificates and discover the endless possibilities that await you. Explore our certificate programs designed to enhance your competencies and deepen your engagement with the world around you.

Community Engagement Certificate

The purpose of this certificate is to provide students with an opportunity to gain awareness of service activities, engage in community assets, and gain experience that bolsters interpersonal skills and professionalism, while learning about community engagement. Students should complete all the pathways to earn this certificate.

Leader Development Certificate

Leadership is a journey of continuous growth and self-discovery. Our Leader Development Certificate is tailored to help you cultivate essential leadership qualities, from effective communication to strategic decision-making. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or just starting your leadership journey, this program will guide you towards unlocking your full leadership potential.

Sustainable Leadership Certificate

Embark on a journey towards a more sustainable future with our upcoming Sustainable Leadership Certificate. This innovative program will explore the intersection of leadership and environmental responsibility, preparing you to lead with a focus on long-term sustainability. Stay tuned for this exciting addition to our certificate offerings.

Digital Badges

To receive the certificates you will earn three badges along your journey. You are not just collecting symbols of achievement; you are embodying the qualities of a well-rounded leader and community advocate. The Explore, Engage, and Evaluate Badges serve as markers of your progress, showcasing your commitment to personal and societal growth. Embrace the challenge, earn your badges, and let your leadership story unfold.

Embark on your leadership and community engagement journey by earning the Explore Badge. This badge recognizes your commitment to exploring new ideas, concepts, and perspectives. Through thoughtful reflection and an openness to diverse experiences, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of the principles that drive effective leadership and community engagement. This is your starting point—a testament to your curiosity and willingness to learn.

The Engage Badge signifies your active involvement in applying your knowledge to real-world situations. This badge celebrates your dedication to hands-on experiences, community service, and/or collaborative initiatives. As you earn the Engage Badge, you’re not just learning about how to lead or engage in the community—you’re actively contributing to positive change. This badge reflects your commitment to making a meaningful impact on the communities you serve.

Achieve the Evaluate Badge by demonstrating your ability to critically assess your experiences, learnings, and the impact of your actions. This badge acknowledges your commitment to continuous improvement and reflective practice. As a holder of the Evaluate Badge, you showcase a level of self-awareness and analytical thinking that is crucial for effective leadership. Your capacity to evaluate and refine your approach sets you apart as a dynamic and thoughtful leader.

Last updated: 12/5/2023