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AB Leadership Roles

Site Leaders

Site Leaders are one of the most crucial pieces of the Alternative Break (AB) program. As a student-led program, AB takes pride in our Site Leaders (SL) and the rich experience they bring to this para-professional role of the program.

All students that have participated in a break experience (StayBreak or week-long) during a previous semester are eligible to apply for the Site Leader position. SLs take an active role in educating and leading peers through a service experience focused on a social issue they are passionate about.

Site Leaders are held to a high standard and adhere to the expectations of the AB program as a whole. These expectations include:

  • Full participation in Site Leader Training
  • Cooperation with the Alternative Breaks Coordinator, co-site leader, and Resident Scholars.
  • Remain flexible, open-minded, and responsible.
  • Educate yourself and the participants about the issue relative to your site.
  • Build and maintain a positive relationship with the designated site and selected AB participants on your break.
  • Commitment to the Alternative Break “no drugs or alcohol” policy

To better understand the position commitments, duties, and responsibilities before applying, please take a look at the Site Leader Position Description.

To learn more about the position, contact our Recruitment Chair.

Resident Scholars

Resident Scholars are faculty, staff, and graduate assistants of Georgia Southern University. This role allows for rich and meaningful interactions with students outside of the office, classroom, or events on campus. Resident Scholars lodge and volunteer with the students in a hands-on, service-focused environment for the duration of an Alternative Breaks experience.

Please Note: The break locations and organizations we work with are not posted on our website intentionally. They are kept secret and revealed to student participants at our Site Reveal event for each week-long break cycle of the year on the Statesboro campus. You are more than welcome to contact Kasie Thompson ( to learn more specific details about a break of interest before applying.

Benefits to Resident Scholars

  • Mentorship experience
  • Meet, network, and connect with other Georgia Southern University staff and faculty interested in student development
  • Free professional development opportunity and resume builder
  • Recruiting tool for your program/center/college
  • Free travel with students to a volunteer site
  • Hands-on learning and volunteer experience around complex social issues

Understanding the Position

To better understand the position commitments, duties, and responsibilities before applying, please take a look at the Resident Scholar Position Description.

How to Apply

All those interested in the role of Resident Scholar are welcome to submit their application via the link provided below. These positions will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Want to Learn More Before Applying?

For more detailed information such as break cycle social issues, locations, accommodations, organizations we will be working with, etc., please contact Kasie Thompson ( to schedule a meeting or phone call.

Guidance on Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Considering FLSA regulations, we ask that Resident Scholars address the need for conversation with their supervisors to decide specifics that will work best for their office and work schedule.
  • Week-long Breaks: Travel days are Sundays & Fridays and travel hours vary depending on the location of the break. Monday-Thursday is full days of service.
  • Weekend Breaks: Breaks travel on Friday @5:30pm. Saturday is a full day of service and Sunday morning service typically takes place until ~12:00pm. Weekend Breaks return on Sunday @3:30pm.
  • StayBreaks: Breaks run 9am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. They are local and the break team will travel to and from the site each day.
  • The typical structure is a full 8 hours of work on service days.

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    If you have any questions, please contact Kasie Thompson at or 912-478-1435.

    Last updated: 6/29/2023