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Energy Management

Another critical focus in Sustainability at Georgia Southern is Energy Management. Energy Management is overseen by the Physical Plant Department. The Energy Management staff manages campus energy usage and projects future energy needs for the University. The department develops effective strategies to manage energy consumption. In addition, they initiate projects to decrease energy usage across campus. Energy savings are in turn recycled into more energy reducing projects.

To help with Energy Management:

When designing New and Renovated Building Design :

  • Design with Energy usage/cost of operation in mind

Facility operations and use of building space:

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas and Spring Break Campus shutdowns
  • Energy Management System/Controls in Buildings
  • 38 Buildings – 10000 + points controlled or monitored
  • Efficient Use of Building Space/Building scheduling

Purchase of Energy and Cost Avoidance:

  • Selecting best power rate purchase for campus
  • Use of electricity or natural gas for energy source

Last updated: 5/10/2022