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University Housing has taken big steps in implementing Green cleaning by using environmentally friendly products. In Residential Buildings 69% of all cleaning chemicals meet green cleaning standards. This is well beyond the industry standard.

To help streamline the ordering and purchasing of custodial and maintenance supplies, the University contracted with Grainger Industrial Supply, a nationally known wholesale supply company. Some of the benefits of this merger include Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), which allows Grainger to maintain supply closets with just in time inventory. Just in time inventory prevents the overstocking and oversupplying of chemicals and supplies, as was done frequently in the past, thus saving money as well as space in buildings. To help reduce packaging, chemicals are now purchased in condensed versions and diluted on site. Lastly, traditional cleaning supplies like mops and rags have been replaced with microfiber cleaning products, which are reusable and last longer. As the University continues to strive to implement sustainable practices, we will continue to search for innovative and sustainable ways to effectively clean and maintain our campus.

Last updated: 2/4/2021