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Campus Community Garden


Back when Sustainability Programs was under Academic Affairs as the Center for Sustainability (CfS), Facilities Services, the Dining Services, and CfS partnered up in the Summer of 2015 to host a fruit and vegetable garden on campus. The construction and maintenance of the Garden is supervised by Sustainability Programs on space provided by facilities services. Fresh herbs and vegetables are provided to catering (Eagle Dining Services) on an as needed basis. Students can team up to reserve a garden bed for a semester to grow their own fresh produce. Sustainability provides tools, biweekly workshops, and regular assistance to the student teams involved with the program.

The Campus Community Garden provides a great opportunity for students to learn about and engage in sustainable practices in a central location on campus. We all have to eat, and how we consume food directly impacts our environment. We often hear about the benefits of local food: low transportation cost and consequently reduced fuel use and emissions and knowing how the food is grown. We can’t get more local than growing food on our campus. The Campus Garden is an interactive classroom where students can grow healthy food, eat healthy food, and learn about the importance of sustainable agriculture. The Garden is located between the Herty building and the Williams Center. Stop by to see what fresh and delicious produce we are growing!

Last updated: 5/10/2022