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Waste Reduction, Waste Diversion, and Reuse are major focus on Georgia Southern’s Sustainability efforts. The University has a robust recycling program that recycles batteries, paper, plastic, and aluminum. Recycling bins are located in every building on campus, as well as all residential complexes, and are serviced daily. In FY 2013, we recycled approximately 134.2 Tons of Cardboard, 133.2 tons of office paper, and 15.42 tons of plastic and cans. For a list of recyclable items, or to learn more about the program, click here.

Southern Sustainability also hosts Waste Audits where the volunteers go through a building’s waste to track the amount of contamination in the recycling. The Waste Audits is Southern Sustainability’s new program which originated as Recycle Mania. Originally Recycle Mania was a competition program to have the campus compete to collect the greatest number of recyclables. There are also less frequent events that support reuse like the thrift store that eco-reps runs during Southern Sustainability week students donate clothes or food in exchange for access to other student’s donated clothes.

Last updated: 6/10/2022