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Nick Mamalakis Emerging Leaders Program

The Nick Mamalakis Emerging Leaders Program is a leadership development program for Georgia Southern University – Armstrong Campus students. The program is highly interactive and gives participants an opportunity to be an on-campus leader while also engaging with the local Savannah community. Leadership speakers, skill building workshops, and leadership assessments provide hands-on training for the participants to develop as an individual and a leader.

There is no cost to students who are chosen to participate in the program.

Benefits to being an Emerging Leader

Connections: Students have multiple opportunities to meet and create relationships with current student leaders and community leaders.

Mentorship: Students receive 1:1 mentorship and support for the achievement of their personal goals for campus and community leadership.

Immersion: Students have opportunities to participate in various service projects on campus and in the community.

Experience: Students have opportunities to lead other students.

Exploration: Students explore various leadership styles and student leadership positions currently available on campus.

Topics Covered in Program

  • Personal Values
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Leadership Styles
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Community Leadership
  • Student Leadership Challenge

Last updated: 4/21/2023