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Community Partner Overview

Our Community Partners have access to a wide variety of services and resources through the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement. Contact us to talk about the exciting programs we coordinate!

Community Partner is defined as a public, non-profit, or volunteer organization with a stated mission to address one or more identified community needs and that has specific expertise for addressing issues related to that need. A Community Partner may also be a for-profit organization awarded public funding to address a specific community need (such as a section 8 housing community, or private hospital, hospice, or nursing home that accepts public funding).

To become a Community Partner, public agencies or non-profit organizations are invited to complete an annual self-assessment, keeping our office current on your mission and work. Faculty and students can use these reports to explore service and service-learning opportunities. Agency documents are refreshed each summer for the following academic year.

A list of community partners, by county, with contact information and web links, can be found by clicking on the tabs above.

Community Partner benefits:

  • Access to faculty and student expertise and resources
  • Recipient of projects that support/enhance the organizational mission
  • Support to navigate university resources
  • Waived fee to attend Boro Browse/Savannah Browse
  • Access to on-campus meeting rooms
  • Opportunity to be a BUILD site! (Bulloch County Partners Only)
  • Opportunity to gain long-term volunteers

Community Partner responsibilities:

  • Complete annual renewal form
  • Provide access to meaningful service opportunities
  • Provide a safe work environment
  • Provide answers to assist in successful project completion

Leadership Office responsibilities:

  • Provide limited background checks
  • Help community partners connect with faculty and student expertise
  • Inform students of volunteer opportunities with community partners
  • Assist community partner in detecting potential projects
  • Ensure avenue for feedback before, during, and after service-learning project

Agencies who wish to be included in this self-assessment program and become one of our Community Partners,
should email Urkovia Andrews at

Last updated: 3/10/2022