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Community Partners

Community organizations and government service agencies who wish to benefit from faculty expertise and the creative energy of outstanding university students, should consider hosting a service-learning opportunity. The Office of Leadership and Community Engagement will help you connect with faculty members whose scholarship pertains to your project or challenge, and who can engage the minds of their students in creative problem solving.

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Among the benefits you and your organization can expect are:

  • A faculty member to help you identify and define a do-able project that moves your organization forward in a concrete way, with a limited investment of your time.
  • The students’ investment of time and effort leverages the faculty member’s specific theoretical knowledge and professional skills, directly benefiting your organization.
  • A student or group of students works in an accountable way for academic credit, rather than for community service or wages.
  • The project may be replicable over several semesters, or the project may evolve over several semesters.
  • Students who exhibit important character traits such as dependability, responsibility, professional comportment and a helpful nature are readily revealed, and this provides an opportunity to hire and/or further recruit students with these qualities.
  • You develop relationships with faculty member experts who can become partners in your organization’s development as board members and/or advocates.

Contact Urkovia Andrews to discuss your project or the needs of your organization.

Urkovia Andrews, Assistant Director for Service-Learning
(912) 478.1435 – Office
(912) 478.1316 – Fax

Last updated: 2/15/2021