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Alternative Breaks 2017-2018


Welcome Breakers!

Note for new participants: The Georgia Southern Alternative Break program operates with an “issue first” focus, meaning we keep our site locations quiet until Site Reveal each break cycle. this is done so you can focus on selecting a social issue you are passionate about first and foremost during the application process. This is true for all week long breaks across the program. If you are unsure of a what social issue you may want to focus on during your break experience feel free to reach out to us! Contact any of our Alternative Break Board members to learn more. 


The May Break application is closed

 May Breaks Travel: May 6th-11th, 2018

Fl Trail

Break Title: Human Impact in a Changing Climate

Social Issue: Endangered species

Cost: $150

Ecological diversity is being threatened by the world’s ever changing climate. These changes can have catastrophic effects on the animals who call these environments home. Breakers will learn what it takes to provide a safe space for this particular species, and how to educate others about its plight. Come with us while we explore the history of one of the planet’s most beloved species and find out how they ended up on the endangered or threatened species list. Let’s learn what we can do to help, together!  

Break Title: Children Living Life Without Limits

Social Issue: Childhood medical challenges and disability

Cost: $150

Children are the light of the future, no matter what challenges they face. On this Alternative Break, students will work with an organization dedicated to creating magical experiences for children living with terminal diagnoses, and their families. Breakers will also work with an organization that ensures education is accessible to people living on the spectrum of disabilities. Come join these organizations as they strive to ensure that the children they work with get to live a life without limits.  

Break Title: Health Education & Social Well-being

Social Issue: Addiction recovery and health education

Cost: $150

Breakers will be working with an organization focused on health education and providing access to health care to a wide array of clients. Participants will see the inner workings of an organization dedicated to providing services for those facing substance abuse and addition. Breakers will be responsible for some components of health education as well as providing tools to aid safer choices and to reduce the impact of substance abuse related illnesses.

Break Title: Heroes Movement

Kla. Nola Crew

Social Issue: Veteran support services & food security programs

Cost: $150

If you ever wondered how you could serve veterans who have played a salient role in fighting for our freedom, this is the break for you! Students embarking on this Alternative Break will be granted the opportunity to lend a helping hand to these gallant warriors. In addition to our time spent serving our country’s veterans, students will also engage with a large scale community food security program. Projects on this break will center around direct service tasks within the veteran care facility and food preparation and distribution tasks in the local community. 

Break Title: The Collective Responsibility of Community Health

Social Issue: Community Development (Focus: Public Health)

Cost: $350

The organization we will work with during this Alternative Break grew out of the care and support of local community members. This experience will provide a multi-layer view of social services and development projects within a host city. Students on this break will have the rare opportunity to engage with community leaders and local people who have navigated a large-scale, nationally reported, health crisis. Breakers can expect some projects to include: preparation of food and distribution of meals, revitalization projects, educational programming, presentations with local community leaders, mentoring current students, and more.

Break Title: A World of Active Citizens

Social Issue: Community Development

Cost: $500

*This break will require participants to have a passport. Passport fees will be the responsibility of the applicant.*

During this experience, breakers will engage with an organization that has operated in our host community since 2006. Come fly with us as we assist with community development projects in a cross-cultural context. The village we will be working in, comprised of four smaller communities of hamlets (small settlements), largely focuses on the educational welfare of their school-aged children. Projects on this break may range from: building schoolrooms and renovation projects, constructing levees within the village, work with a micro-enterprise run by local women, and other more immediate community identified needs of the village members.

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