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Alternative Breaks 2019-2020

Welcome home, Breakers!

We hope you are excited for the year of Alternative Breaks ahead of us! You will find the break travel dates & application windows for the 2019-2020 academic year listed below. We look forward to you breaking for social justice with us this year!

Note for new participants: The Georgia Southern Alternative Break program operates with an “issue first” focus, meaning we keep our site locations quiet until Site Reveal each week-long break cycle. This is done so you can focus on selecting a social issue you are passionate about first and foremost during the application process. 

Not sure what social issues you are interested in? No problem! Contact any of our Alternative Break Board members or feel free to take the brief Social Issues Inventory to get a feel for the type of service projects/issues you might be interested in. 

Thing to Know: The Alternative Breaks program is aligning our service with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are an urgent call for action by all countries – developed and developing – in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests. As you read through our break blurbs, take a second to click the link to the SDG(s) your break of interest is aligned with to learn a little more about it!

Alternative May Break application opens on MARCH 2nd!

Scroll below to read about the various Alternative Breaks we are offering this cycle! Each blurb provides a Physical Exertion Level score. This score (on a scale from 1 – 5) indicates how physically demanding the service projects on a given break are expected to be. This score is provided to assist breakers in making break selections that are best suited to their needs.

Once you are sure you know what Alternative Breaks you would like to apply for, click the button below to head over to our application. ALL students, no matter the campus, can apply for all Alternative Breaks offered. Statesboro campus & Armstrong campus indicators are clearly marked, so breakers know which campus pre-break events will be hosted from and where travel will be coordinated from for each Alternative Break.

Alternative May Breaks – Applications Close March 27th

*All pre-break events & travel will be coordinated at the campus listed in the left column.


At this teaching and research hospital every child and family is treated as if they’re the only patients and no child or family is turned away from receiveing care. Volunteering with this break will give you the opportunity to interact with children of all ages and their loving family members. Interested? Volunteer work will be anything from helping unit nurses care for patients and families or creating activities for the children who are staying overnight.

Physical Exertion Level: 2

In additional to the Georgia Southern Alternative Breaks Paperwork requirements, participants on this Alternative Break will also need to complete a variety of requirements to be able to enter the hospital facility. These requirements are listed via the link below.

Volunteer Requirements

All requirements MUST be ready to be turned into Brandi Hoffman by Monday April 20th, 2020. All fees associated with completion of volunteer requirements are the responsibility of the participants.

Please contact Brandi Hoffman ( about issues regarding paying for these volunteer requirements.
Break Type: Driving Domestic

Cost: $150.00

Social Issue(s):
Good Health & Well-being

Break Focus: Children’s Medical Services


Loss of coastal wetlands can have disastrous effects on the communities who live near them from flooding, loss of land, and financial hardship. The destruction of natural land for animals is a critical loss for these areas as well. These concerns inform the mission of our community partner. Interested? On this break, you will be planting grasses and trees along the coast, or pulling out invasive species. If you’re comfortable enough, you may also be partially submerged in the marshlands to help with tasks focused on coastal restoration in this community.

Physical Exertion Level: 5
Break Type: Driving Domestic

Cost: $150.00

Social Issue(s):
Sustainable Cities and Communities & Climate Action

Break Focus: Coastal Restoration

The animals housed by this community partner are used across the world for various tasks or as forms of entertainment within the tourism industry. However, the sad reality is, they are often mistreated and cannot survive in the wild after these experiences. This community partner gives them a place to live with minimal human interaction by providing a sanctuary.Only skilled veterinarians interact with these gentle giants which provides them a forever home where they can rest in peace and live out the remainder of their lives in a comforting and natural habitat. Interested? You could be repairing fences and habitats for the animals, as well as painting buildings. There is also a possibility you may be helping in the surrounding community.

Physical Exertion Level: 5
Break Type: Driving Domestic

Cost: $150.00

Social Issue(s):
Life on Land

Break Focus: Endangered Species Protection


There are many social issues that can affect a community. Being able to interact with a community through multiple types of volunteer work opens the door to understanding how a community tackles multifaceted issues through the community assets that help alleviate them. On this Alternative Break, we will have the opportunity to serve with an organization that empowers local groups (ex: business or school-aged children) to serve and engage with their communities. Our service tasks will specifically focus on their approach to understanding and addressing poverty and it’s many causes and intersectional effects. Interested? If you go on this break, you will have the opportunity to work with several community partners through a variety of service tasks! The week will be a wonderful first-step for Alternative Break new comers or an exciting multifaceted experience for returning program participants.

Physical Exertion Level: 3
Break Type: Driving Domestic

Cost: $150.00

Social Issue(s):
No Poverty & Zero Hunger
Break Focus: Community Development
STATESBORO CAMPUS “National Treasure”

This community partner is the largest independent conservation organization dedicated solely to this water-way resource. The organization advocates for developing more effective, science-based solutions to reduce the pollution that is not only degrading natural resources but also endangering the lives of the 18 million people and 3,000 species of plants and animals that are home to the local area. Interested? There will be a variety of volunteer projects completed with this community partner. You could be planting trees, helping facilitate and prepare educational programs, cleaning the shores and waters, or participating in essential oyster population restoration. You can take part in fulfilling their mission of engaging in education, advocacy, litigation, and restoration in order to ensure clean water for future generations.  

Physical Exertion Level: 4
Break Type: Driving Domestic

Cost: $150.00

Social Issue(s):
Water and Sanitation
& Life below Water

Break Focus: Sustaining Quality Water Sources

After a natural disaster, it can take years for land and communities to recover. The needs can range from reconstruction of infrastructure, to community health and medical needs, to natural resource restoration. The community we will be serving on this break experienced flood damage that has been estimated at over $1.3 billion, including $449 million in damage to roads, levees and other critical infrastructure. Insular to the United States, the excess rain water burdened the community and agricultural landscape for an extended time and has continued to impact it far and beyond when the flood waters receded. On this Alternative Break, you’ll be providing continued relief in the form of rebuilding efforts to the surrounding area of this Midwestern community. Interested? Get excited, this will be the AB program’s first time working in this area of the country! So saddle up and get ready to dive into an active week of service, camaraderie, and a lot of hands on work experience.

Physical Exertion Level: 4
Break Type: Flying Domestic

Cost: $350.00

Social Issue(s):
Climate Action
& Life on Land

Break Focus: Disaster Recovery

Check out our student-made video from May 2018

Alternative May Break – Flint, Michigan

Alternative Break Travel Dates 2019-2020

  • May Break | May 10-15, 2020

Application Dates 2019-2020

During the following time frames an application line & informational blurb about each service site will be avaiable on THIS page for you.

May Break | March 2 -27, 2020

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