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What and How to Recycle on Campus

Georgia Southern Recycling Program

What We Can Collect:

Plastic Bottles – Georgia Southern University recycles type 1 (PET) and type 2 (HDPE) plastic narrow neck bottles. Examples of type 1 (PET) plastic include: soft drink and water bottles. Examples of type 2 (HDPE) plastic include: milk and juice jugs. You can determine the type of recyclable plastic you have by looking on the bottom of the plastic for the recycling symbol with a number in the middle, signifying the plastic type. We do not recycle utensils, plastic bags or plastic cups.

Corrugated Cardboard –Corrugated Cardboard has the zigzag ridges on the sides, whereas paperboard may feel like cardboard, it does not have ridges on the sides. Make sure to flatten all cardboard material before disposing of it, remove all material inside including styrofoam, plastic, plastic bags, paper, trash and wax or plastic coated cardboard. Place flatten cardboard behind the recycling bin. Place your cardboard in the landfill bin if it is soiled or contains food residue (e.g. pizza boxes). If you think you will have a large amount of cardboard, submit a work order request and provide your location, quantity of material and contact information. We do not recycle paper style milk cartons, paperboard (cereal boxes, crackers boxes, soda paper packaging.)

Mixed Paper – Georgia Southern University recycles all paper types, which include: office paper, colored paper, newspaper, magazines, brochures, flyers, catalogs, junk mail, envelopes and folders. We do not recycle paper plates, napkins, restroom paper towels, paper cups and fast food paper bags.

Aluminum cans– If you have any used aluminum products, you can recycle them at any recycling bin labeled “aluminum cans” located on campus. In the United States most food cans are made of steel and beverage cans of aluminum. We do not recycle steel cans.

Other Recyclables: We also recycle batteries, inkjet/laser jet cartridges, paint, light bulbs, fluorescent, scrap metal/metal furnishings, and motor oil. A work order request must be submitted for these special items to be picked up by a facilities staff member. Work order request can be submitted here.

Some Common Objects that Cannot Be Recycled:

No: Plastic Straws, plastic cups, paperboard, plastic bags, pizza boxes, paper style milk cartons, paper towels, food, paper plates, paper cups.

How We Recycle:

Recycling bins: Georgia Southern University has over six-hundred plus recycling bins located across campus, including outside recycling islands. Our current bin system includes mixed paper, plastics bottles and aluminum cans. Gray indoor recycling centers are now being introduced to campus. Indoor recycling centers have (3) slots for each recyclable material aluminum cans, mixed paper and plastic bottles. As well as (1) slot for trash that will go to a landfill. All cardboard must be flattened and placed behind or beside recycling bins.

Batteries can be placed in the provided blue recycling canister or in a separate container next to a recycling bin for pick-up.

Eagle Box: Those interested in participating in the University’s recycling program will be provided with a cardboard box called an “Eagle Box”. This box is for conveniently collecting recycled material at the participant’s desk. Once your “Eagle Box” is full, empty it into the larger recycling containers located in hallways, offices, or break rooms.

Employees are expected to dump their own eagle boxes, while the facilities staff maintains the larger public bins. If you have empty ink cartridges place them in their original box or a separate eagle box beside existing recycling containers.

Please note, Georgia Southern University property (computers, electronic devices, furniture, etc.) must be recycled or repurposed through the Property Control Office. Please contact Property Control at (912) 478-1560 for further information.

Recycling Bin Standards:

The Georgia Southern University Recycling Program provides sixty gallon, blue, green and gray, Rubbermaid waste bins and gray Max-R recycling centers to collect recyclable items. If a department chooses not to utilize the University provided bins, departments may purchase their own recycling bins with departmental funds. However we ask that departments conform to the university standard and consult with the Sustainability Coordinator at 912-478-7161 prior to purchasing bins for guidance and recommendations.

Reports and Requests:

Please submit a work request for an eagle box delivery, recycling bin request for special events, additional recycle bins location request, or recyclable item pick-up.

If you would like to report any mismanagement or waste of energy on campus, please call Physical Plant at (912) 478-5270, or send in a work request.

Last updated: 2/4/2021