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Student Benefits

Benefits and Testimonials

Improved Knowledge & Skills

Student with shovel

“I gain knowledge and skills that apply out in the real world. The experience helps me select my major or my next courses within my major.”

“I develop critical interpersonal and leadership skills in tandem with my academic knowledge.”

Personal Growth

Students recycling

“Important character traits such as dependability, responsibility, professional comportment and a helpful nature help build professional contacts and valuable future references. I start to build my career before I graduate.”

“I recognize that time spent doing meaningful work is more personally rewarding than time spent in idle distraction. I enjoy meeting and spending time with other capable people who make contributions to our world.”

Prepared for Chosen Career

Students building

“I have an opportunity to explore a career or field of study. Do I enjoy it? Can I see myself doing this type of work in the future?”

“I feel more prepared in my chosen field of study, and am ready to succeed in a full-time internship, an entry-level position, or my first year of graduate school.”

Established faculty relationship and Commitment to Service

Faculty with a student

“I build a strong relationship with a member of the faculty. I have a better understanding of their passion, and an appreciation for their scholarship. I establish an opportunity to do future work or research with this faculty member, and earn the privilege of asking for a letter of recommendation.”.

“I have built within myself a commitment to service, and to life-long learning.”

Last updated: 3/7/2022