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Alternative Break Board

Mission Statement

Georgia Southern University’s Alternative Break Board strives to create a community of active citizens by empowering students to make a global impact through life-changing service opportunities.

What We Do

The Alternative Break Board is focused on broadening and expanding the number and scope of Alternative Breaks offered. Student leaders assume primary leadership for this initiative including identifying sites, raising funds, identifying faculty/staff partners, and developing pre-break education and post-break reflection. Positions on the Alternative Break Board are reserved for students who have participated in at least one Alternative Break experience.

Interested in Joining?

The Alternative Break Board is open to bringing in additional leaders throughout the fall semester. If interested in joining the board, email Dillan Brock ( detailing your interest and past leadership experiences.

The 2019-2020 Alternative Break Board
(not pictured: Rachel Taylor)

2021-2022 Alternative Break Board

Cameron Cheatham: Site Coordinator

Hello, I am a junior International Trade major and I currently serve as one of the Site Coordinators for the Alternative Break Board. 

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because it enables us to celebrate and recognize everyone and all of our differences within our community. Social justice ensures that we live in a fair society with equal opportunity. Through breaking for social justice, we are able to use our service to support our community and learn to appreciate each others’ own backgrounds and stories. Participating in Alternative Break and growing together as a community through service is a very special and FUN thing to be a part of!


Jasmine Alexander: Fundraising Chair

Hey all, I’m Jasmine Alexander, a junior Accounting & Information Systems major and I serve as the Fundraising Chair for the Alternative Break Board. 

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I believe it’s important to strive to leave any place we go, better than how we found it. Much of how the world is today is a result of the actions taken by those who came before us. Through our service, we can now continue the work that was left and create an even greater impact for those who come after us. One of the best things about volunteering is that no act of service is too big or too small. Everyone can contribute to change by simply choosing to do so. I’m passionate about service and will continue to break for social justice for the betterment of not only our present but also our future!

Sarah Martinez: Site Coordinator

Hi everyone! I’m Sarah, a senior biology major, and I serve as a site coordinator for the Alternative Break Board

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I believe every individual deserves to be treated equally and should have opportunities and resources available that can allow them to live a happy and healthy life. I’ve always had a heart for community service because it’s a great mix of learning to step outside of my comfort zone to help and connect with others, while also allowing those experiences to help me grow as an individual.


Dillan Brock: Alternative Break Board Advisor

Hey all, I’m Dillan Brock and I am a 1st-year Mechanical Engineering graduate student. I currently serve as the advisor to the Alternative Break Board and the Alternative Breaks Graduate Assistant.

#Ibreakforsocialjustice because I find understanding to be the key to solving the issues that we face as a society. To ensure social justice is upheld, it is necessary to understand not only the community but also individuals, including ourselves, and the biases that are constantly influencing our thoughts and decisions. I see alternative breaks as an amazing opportunity to interact with one’s community and to experience firsthand then reflect on the inequalities that exist around wealth, opportunities, and privilege inside of that community and for the individuals themselves.


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Last updated: 2/2/2022