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IFC – Statesboro Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in fraternity life at Georgia Southern – Statesboro Campus!

IFC holds a structured primary recruitment in early September and a semi-structured recruitment in early February. During recruitment week, prospective members have the opportunity to interact with individuals from each fraternity. There is also an informal recruitment process outside of formal recruitment allowing men to join throughout the year.

GPA Requirements

The GPA to register for recruitment is a 2.75 or higher high school GPA, as calculated by the Georgia Southern University Office of Admissions. This GPA  is based on the Required High School Curriculum. This is NOT the final high school GPA listed on your transcript or your HOPE GPA. Before registering for recruitment, you can check your GPA using your online Admissions Status Check Page.

Current students with an established GPA may register for Primary Recruitment during their undergraduate collegiate career with a Georgia Southern GPA of 2.50 or higher based on at least 12 or more credits.

Transfer students with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher based on at least 12 or more credits may also register for Primary Recruitment.  As you’re looking at your membership options, please keep in mind that some chapters may have higher GPA requirement for membership.

Membership Requirements

To be eligible to join an IFC fraternity, you should:

  • Identify as a male student
  • Have full-time enrollment at Georgia Southern’s -Statesboro Campus or the Georgia Tech program at Georgia Southern
  • Meet grade requirements and hours verified through the university
  • Register for and participate in the recruitment process
  • Pay a $10 non-refundable participation fee at the time of registration

Additional Information

  • East Georgia and Savannah State students are not eligible to join fraternities
  • Letters of recommendation from alumni are not usually required
  • Organizations can recruit members each semester, skip semesters, or participate once every other year. It is the decision of the individual fraternity when to accept members
  • Dual-enrollment students are not eligible to join fraternities or sororities

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Last updated: 7/26/2021