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Commonly Question About Sorority Recruitment

Panhellenic Association FAQs

What happens during recruitment week?

Recruitment begins on Sunday, August 11.  Potential members will attend an orientation to meet their Pi Chi and Pi Chi group members.  Pi Chis are disaffiliated sorority women who spend the week guiding a small group of potential new members through the recruitment process.  During this time, the Pi Chi’s will review the program with potential new members, talk about the process and what to expect. Dress for this is very casual. After the orientation PNMs are released to move in. We will be during a Late night program that is optional for students and parents at the RAC from 5pm-8pm. This will be a general meet and greet where you can mingle with other women going through the process as well as other campus departments.

On Monday and Tuesday, each interested woman will visit all eight sororities for an icebreaker event.  After this, she will prioritize the chapters she would most like to visit the next day. Tuesday evening her choices will be matched with the sororities’ interests and a schedule for Wednesday will be created.  After Monday and Tuesday there will be a Potential New Member Presentation that is mandatory to attend.

On Wednesday, potential new members will visit up to six houses for philanthropy day.  During the day’s events, women will learn more specific information about the projects, programs, and activities in which the chapters participate because giving back is an important aspect of sorority life.  Once again, a schedule for the next day will be created based upon a mutual selection process.

On Thursday, the women will visit up to four chapters for sisterhood day.  This is a fun day where the chapters show off their individual personalities and what their sisterhood means.  After this day’s activities, the potential new members must decide from which houses they are most interested in receiving a bid, and a schedule for the following day will be created through a mutual selection process.  

On Friday, the potential new members will attend up to two preference parties.  These events are intended to show women what the ritual experience of sorority membership can be like.  Immediately following their last preference event, the potential new members will complete a membership agreement, ranking their first and second choice houses for purposes of bid matching.  

On Saturday afternoon, the women will receive a bid from the chapter that they matched with and attend bid day celebrations.

Can I still join in the spring semester?

Not all sororities can take new members in the spring as many of them will be above our campus membership total.  Groups who have less than campus total will conduct open recruitment in the spring. There is no guarantee of which groups might have space in the spring.

How much does it cost?

The average first semester cost of membership is about $1,300.  After that, the average cost is about $1,000 per semester. Chapters do offer payment plans for members; however, it is important to ask very specific questions about costs and payment options from each individual chapter that you are interested in joining.

Financial Transparency Form

During the Ice breakers rounds women will receive a financial transparency form from each chapter that breaks down chapter dues.

Do I have to register for recruitment?

Yes.  The link can be found on the Fraternity and Sorority Life website.   You must be sure that you meet the academic requirements to join before registering.  

What is the recruitment fee?

The recruitment fee is broken down in two ways. The participation fee is $125. If you already have housing that is not on-campus. If you are living or will be living on-campus, you will pay $150. This will cover your participation fee for recruitment as well as early move-in fee to the residence hall.  

Are letters of recommendation required?

No.  If you do have letters of recommendation, please send those directly to the organization.  Addresses and proper forms can be found on the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life website.

Meals for recruitment week?

Your registration covers lunch Monday to Thursday, your meal plan for the semester will Begin Friday

What do I wear?

Once you register, the Office Fraternity and Sorority Life and Panhellenic Association will send you some information via the email address provided on your registration of what to wear. Please do not go out and spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe for recruitment.  The things you have in your closet now are perfect.

Breakdown of attire:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday:
    • Shirt provided by Panhellenic
    • Bottoms of your choosing
    • Comfortable shoes (you will be walking)
  • Thursday:
    • GSU attire (Georgia Southern T-shirt)
    • Bottoms of your choosing
    • Comfortable shoes (you will be walking)
  • Friday:
    • Dress, Romper, jumpsuit (more dressy attire)
    • Shoe choice of your choosing
  • Saturday:
    • Casual attire
    • Closed toe shoes

Does everyone get placed into a sorority?

Our goal is to place as many women as possible into their first choice chapter during the recruitment process.  However, women do get released from their favorite organizations and even from the entire recruitment process. Remember to go in with an open mind, and stick with the process.

How do sororities make membership decisions?

Organizations have their own set of membership standards.  However, in general, they are looking for women with high academic standing, a commitment to community service, and leadership skills.

I haven’t received a confirmation email, now what?

Be sure that you are checking your Georgia Southern email as it should be sent there. Also check your spam as well, if you are still having issues and want to confirm your enrollment please contact Panhellenic,

I signed up, now what?

You will be receiving a few emails from us so be sure to check your Georgia Southern email. The first email should be within a few days of signing up to confirm you meet our GPA recruitments. From there you will be receive an email signing you up for our Potential New Member Online program and Hazing program that must be completed before the first day of recruitment. We will also send an updates on recruitment to your Georgia Southern email.  

Last updated: 6/26/2019