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Meet the Staff

The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) staff includes four full time professionals, four graduate assistants, and three student workers that work directly with our students including advising our governing councils, providing strategic and administrative support to the community, and…..  The office is a member of Division of Student Affairs team and works collaboratively with other departments to support the success of students involved within the FSL community.

As advisors, we work with the governing councils and chapters in all areas of fraternity and sorority operations including membership education, leadership, community service, university involvement, finance, recruitment, scholarship, personal growth, and accountability.  The staff consistently interact with council executive officers and delegates, members and chapter officers, advisors, alumni, parents, and inter/national organization volunteers and staff.

Our office is structured to encourage communication and combined effort between chapters and councils.  Each member of our staff advises a governing council and has specific areas of chapter functions, as described below.  Chapters should examine their area of need and seek out the staff member who is working with those areas for assistance.

Lugo_Francisco 2Francisco M. Lugo, Director,

Dr. Dare Chronister, Assistant Director,

Laura Donato, Coordinator,

Wendy hsWendy S. Cowart, Senior Administrative Assistant,

Kerry McCarthy, Graduate Assistant,

Zita Toth, Graduate Assistant,

Alessandro Portanova, Graduate Assistant,

 Jordan Saunders, Student Assistant,

Christina Fisher, Student Assistant,

 Andrea Garcia, Student Assistant,

Last updated: 8/20/2019