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Student Withdrawal Procedures

The deadline for submitting a hardship withdrawal for the Spring 2019 term has now passed.  All requests for a withdrawal must now be submitted to


Limited Withdrawal Policy – For information on the Limited Withdrawal Policy, please click here. Please note that the withdrawals listed below all meet the criteria for exception to the Limited Withdrawal Policy.

Medical Withdrawals

Medical Withdrawals are handled through the Counseling Center. If a student is looking to obtain a Medical Withdrawal, contact the Counseling Center at (912) 478-5541. Medical Withdrawals will require documentation of significant physical or psychological impairments beyond the student’s control that interfered with the student’s ability to successfully meet academic requirements. For more information about medical withdrawals click here.

Military Withdrawals

A student who is called to active duty to serve in the military while attending courses at Georgia Southern University is eligible to receive a Military Withdrawal. Students receiving this type of withdrawal are withdrawn as of the first day of University classes for the term. To submit a military withdrawal, the student needs to submit a Withdrawal Form. The student MUST also provide the Dean of Students Office with a copy of his/her orders stating the date and place of deployment assigned by the military. The Dean of Students Office will not approve and process the withdrawal until the military orders are received.

Voluntary Cancellation/Withdrawal

If a student wishes to discontinue enrollment prior to the first day of classes a Voluntary Cancellation Form should be submitted. Once classes begin, students should submit a Withdrawal Form. Both forms are available online by clicking here.

Withdrawal Appeal – The deadline for submitting a hardship withdrawal for the Spring 2019 term has now passed.  All requests for a withdrawal must now be submitted to

When special circumstances arise creating the need to withdraw from classes after the last day to withdraw without academic penalty and before 12:00 noon the last day of classes (Friday, May 3, 2019), students must complete the Withdrawal Appeal Form. Upon completion, the Dean of Students Office will review the information and determine if the appeal is approved. If the appeal is granted, the student will receive a grade of W for the withdrawn class(es).  Supporting documentation is required in the withdrawal appeal process. These documents can be submitted via email:, fax: 912-478-7301, or you can deliver them to our office. Typically these documents include: professor confirmation of the last day attended, death notices or obituaries, doctor’s notes, etc.

All Withdrawal Appeal Forms and documentation must be submitted to the Dean of Students Office using the means listed above by 12:00 noon on Friday, May 3, 2019. 

There are many variables in determining if a balance will be owed when a student withdraws from all courses for any reason. A students tuition and fee liability is based on the withdrawal date, not the reason for the withdrawal. The University is required to calculate the unearned semester percentage, return the amount of any unearned aid and the resulting balance remaining must be paid to the University.

For questions about withdrawals, contact the Dean of Students Office directly at (912) 478-3326.


Last updated: 5/3/2019