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Student Withdrawal Procedures

The deadline for submitting a hardship withdrawal for the Summer 2021 term has now passed.  All requests for a withdrawal for Summer  2021 must now go through the Office of the Provost and be submitted through this link.  This is considered a Retroactive Withdrawal and more information can be found in the University Catalog.

Retroactive Withdrawal

A student who wishes to leave the University for nonacademic reasons is expected to withdraw during the current semester as described in the Complete Withdrawal section. Requests to withdraw after the semester is over are rare and considered only if the student was somehow unable to withdraw. For example, students who were hospitalized or incarcerated, asked to perform military service on short notice, or seriously debilitated by a physical or mental illness may be unable to withdraw during the semester in which they are enrolled. In such cases, students may submit a request to Office of the Provost along with the appropriate documentation (medical records, court documents, etc.) during the next long-session semester after the grade is reported. Requests made after that time will not be considered. Retroactive withdrawals will not be considered if the student has completed all course requirements such as a final examination and/or a final project.

For questions about withdrawals, contact the Dean of Students Office directly at 912-478-3326, for Statesboro, and 912-344-5214, for Armstrong and Liberty campuses.

Last updated: 7/23/2021