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Welcome from the Office of Student Conduct here at Georgia Southern University. Our role is to educate students, faculty and staff about the rights and responsibilities of our students according to the Code of Student Conduct. One aspect of our mission is “to uphold the academic and behavioral standards of the University by adjudicating violations of the Student Conduct Code in a fair and consistent manner, treating each student with dignity and respect.”

With that in mind, you need to know that the Office of Student Conduct is here for you! We expect Georgia Southern students to adopt “an informed set of ethics and values” that will make them better citizens at Georgia Southern University, in their hometowns, and wherever they may settle after graduation.

As a unit of the Division of Student Affairs the Dean of Students Office upholds the values of the division by putting STUDENTS FIRST! It is our office’s duty to serve the students by educating through counseling, programming, and mediation.

Know the Code: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility.