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Behavior Assessment Team

The Behavior Assessment Team (BAT) meets regularly to assess and create action plans for students or student groups who present disturbing behavior in our community.  The team members are responsible for identifying students or student groups who display disturbing behavior, offering suggestions on how to manage the behavior or student crisis, and implementing a plan to manage and/or resolve the situation.  Any campus community member may refer a student or student group to the Behavior Assessment Team using the form below or through any member of the team.  The BAT is made up of members from the following offices:

Counseling Center
Dean of Students
Student Conduct
Legal Affairs
Provost Office
Public Safety
Student Accessibility Resource Center

For more information about how the Behavior Assessment Team functions, the assessment process, the classification of common student behaviors, risk levels, and common interventions the team recommends to students, as well as additional contacts and resources please contact the Dean of Students Office.


After referring a student to the BAT, a member of the BAT may contact you for further information if necessary. However, in most cases the information will be kept confidential and you may not be notified of the action plan initiated by the BAT.

When should an individual be reported to BAT?
Please refer to our BAT: Things to Report page for more information.

Last updated: 6/21/2018