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Training Program Overview

The clinical training programs (internship and practicum) at the Georgia Southern University Counseling Center are designed to offer high quality training to graduate students in the practice of professional psychology, based on an integrated working knowledge of the application of clinical theory, research, and ethical, legal, and professional standards.

Philosophy of Training

Our training team believes that every competent practitioner in the field should be guided by sensitivity to individual differences within a diverse society, and by an openness to lifelong learning. These ideals are incorporated into our training programs via a practitioner-apprenticeship training model in which didactic and experiential learning are combined.  Trainees are treated as professionals and, as such, are expected to understand, demonstrate, and apply appropriate levels of clinical skills, acquired from their academic training program, as well as to participate fully in the mission of the Georgia Southern University Counseling Center.  The Counseling Center functions under the Division of Student Affairs. The staff collaborate regularly with colleagues in the Dean of Students Office, Health Services, Residence Life, University Wellness Program, Career Services, and University Conduct, along with the broader campus community.

Our undergraduate training program, the Field Experience for Psychology Majors, helps provide exposure to theories of psychotherapy and counseling and basic counseling skills. This experience is particularly beneficial for students interested in pursuing graduate work in Counseling or Clinical Psychology. However, students are NOT able to provide or observe, at any point during this course, direct clinical services to clients.

For questions about any of our training programs or opportunities, please contact Dr. Mark Taracuk at

Clinical Training Programs

APA-Accredited Doctoral Internship Overview

Practicum Training Overview

Undergraduate Programs

Field Experience for Undergraduate Psychology Majors

Last updated: 7/7/2021