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Medical Withdrawal

The Medical Withdrawal at Georgia Southern University exists for the purposes of allowing students who have been diagnosed with a medical condition that has significantly impaired their performance within a given semester, to request to be withdrawn for that semester. 


The Medical Withdrawal can students to request to be withdrawn for that semester based on a medical condition that has significantly impaired performance.  As such, the process is predicated on the basis that a diagnosis of this severity would cause impairment in all academic functioning; that the condition would not discriminate between subjects.  Thus, Medical Withdrawals are meant to be “all or none,” not selective withdrawals from only some courses.  There are rare situations in which a medical condition may prevent attendance in only a select course, and these situations will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Medical Withdrawal applications are made to the Medical Withdrawal committee. 

The committee will evaluate the application based on whether the request and submitted documentation demonstrates that the student has a diagnosed condition, that the condition is being/has been treated, that the condition did cause significant impairment in the student’s ability to perform to their typical/expected academic level, and that the student is/has pursued treatment to prevent said condition from impairing academic performance in the future.

The medical withdrawal process is not meant to be an accommodation for students who have diagnosed, chronic conditions.  Students who have such conditions should contact the Student Accessibility Resource Center to have necessary accommodations put into place for viable access to their courses.

What are the limits of a Medical Withdrawal?

Students who apply for and receive two consecutive medical withdrawals on the basis of the same medical condition will have a hold placed on future registration.  Such students will be required to submit medical documentation showing that they have had a recent medical evaluation, and that their treatment provider does not anticipate any further academic interference from their documented condition. Once said documentation is approved by the medical withdrawal committee, the hold will be lifted from the student’s ability to register.

How do I apply for a Medical Withdrawal?

To apply for a Medical Withdrawal, a student should submit the following to the Medical Withdrawal Committee, c/o Counseling Center:

  1. A succinct letter documenting the medical condition experienced, how the condition impacted the student’s academic performance, the last date the student attended classes, the students full name, Eagle ID#, Official Georgia Southern University email address, and a contact phone number.
  2. Medical Documentation that supports the claims made in the student’s letter: either a letter from the treatment provider explaining the negative impact of the student’s condition and the expectation that the student will succeed in the future, with treatment, or, medical documentation (explanation of benefits, discharge paperwork, etc.,) supporting the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the condition.
  3. FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS: By virtue of applying for a Medical Withdrawal, graduate students agree to allow the Medical Withdrawal Committee to notify the College of Graduate Studies of their name, should their withdrawal be approved. Being approved for a Medical Withdrawal will also grant graduate students a 1 year Leave of Absence from their Graduate Program.  Any graduate student who anticipates/discovers requiring a Leave of Absence of three or more semesters MUST contact their Graduate Program Director.
  4. GRADUATE STUDENTS APPLYING FOR A MEDICAL LEAVE OF ABSENCE FROM THEIR GRADUATE PROGRAM WITHOUT A MEDICAL WITHDRAWAL FROM CURRENT CLASSES: Graduate students who anticipate requiring a Medical Leave of Absence from their graduate program, but who either do not need to be withdrawn from current courses, or who are not currently enrolled in courses should follow the same process described in Steps 1-3.  However, if applying for a Medical Leave of Absence alone – clearly state in the letter of application that the request is ONLY for a Medical Leave of Absence.  If approved, a Medical Leave of Absence is valid for 2 consecutive semesters.  Any graduate student who anticipates/discovers requiring a Leave of Absence of three or more semesters MUST contact their Graduate Program Director.

Contact Information

Students can send their medical withdrawal requests via email, fax, or postal service. To email your medical withdrawal request, please send your information to Dr. Jodi Caldwell at While we take all possible security measures with our university e-mail, it cannot be assumed that any electronic transmissions are completely secure. To send via postal service or fax, please use the following information:

Medical Withdrawal Committee
C/O Counseling Center/ Dr. Jodi Caldwell
Georgia Southern University Counseling Center
P.O. Box 8011
Statesboro, GA 30460
912-478-0834 (fax)



What is the Medical Withdrawal Application Review Process?

The Medical Withdrawal Committee will review completed applications twice per month.  Students will be notified via their Georgia Southern University email (the official means of communication between the university and students) of the decision to approve or deny the application. 

Unless otherwise stated, the effective date of an approved withdrawal will be the date of the Student’s letter of application.  The Medical Withdrawal Committee will notify the Registrar’s Office of the approved applications.

Important Financial Information:

Students are urged to contact the Office of Financial Aid, and the Registrar’s Office before applying for a Medical Withdrawal to inquire about any impact a medical withdrawal may have on their current and future financial aid, as well as fees owed, etc.  It is not the responsibility of the Medical Withdrawal Committee to investigate the financial impact of the withdrawal on the student.

Students who live on-campus must be aware that once their medical withdrawal has been approved, they will be expected to immediately move out of on-campus housing.  Any questions regarding pro-rating the housing contract must be addressed with the housing department.

Please note:  An application for medical withdrawal does not guarantee that the request will be granted.  All applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be denied.

Last updated: 1/4/2021