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Groups & Workshops – Fall 2017

Please note: a completed intake session is required for groups, not for workshops. 

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Understanding Self & Others

This is a group for students wanting a better understanding of their authentic self & how they interact with and relate to others. Particular issues addressed include feelings, thoughts, mood, relationships, letting go, setting healthy boundaries, and family of origin dynamics.

Who Am I?

This group will address common existential issues such as identity, adjustment to college life, and freedom to make choices about who we are. The group will focus on thoughts and feelings about responsibilities, values, goals, isolation, fear, interpersonal relationships and finding our authentic self. This group is valuable for any student in search of meaning and purpose in life.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This group introduces mindfulness and meditation as a way to cope with stress in a healthy way. Topics include the mind-body connection, self-compassion, and gratitude. This group involves both experiential exercises (i.e., various guided meditations) as well as an opportunity to connect with one another via open conversations.

Coping Skills Group

Do you find it challenging to cope with uncomfortable feelings (e.g., intense anxiety, depression, anger, loneliness, emptiness) or thoughts? Learn how to have a different relationship with your thoughts and feelings, in order to live more fully in the moment and act in accordance with your values.

DBT Skills Group

If you are experiencing a wide range of emotions within any given day or time, feeling that you are acting and reacting based on your moods, and/or are looking for skills to help better regulate your moods and your relationships with others… this is the group for you! Time will be spent exploring your emotions and thoughts while also providing skills to find a balance between them! Skills will include distress tolerance, emotion regulation, mindfulness, and interpersonal skill building.

For Colored Girls

This groups seeks to make minorities the majority by creating safe colored spaces and engaging in courageous conversations. We hope to give voice to the emotions you have silenced in our interpersonal process group designed exclusively for women of color. The group may discuss general topics such as relationships, stereotypes, spirituality, belongingness, sexuality, minority stress, and success through the lens of women of color. The group also promises to provide coping skills to navigate life as a woman of color.

Rainbow Connection
Gender and Sexual Minority (GSM) Therapy Group

This is a group for gender and sexual minorities (e.g., gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) or those questioning their sexual and/or gender identity.  In group, we will discuss general issues like depression, anxiety, loneliness, and family concerns, as well as GSM-specific concerns of coming out, homophobia, and managing relationships in a predominately heterosexual world.

Graduate/Non-Traditional Student Process Group

This is a therapy group for graduate and non-traditional students who are dealing with a wide-range of personal concerns (ages 23+). This group will help students work through difficulties and help them to build strengths and skills by establishing a supportive community for sharing struggles and supporting others in their individual challenges. Members are open to exploring many topics, which may include: understanding and acceptance, changing current behaviors, developing better ways of coping, creating balance in personal and professional demands, finding and maintaining motivation, time management, perfectionism, procrastination, and learning effective interpersonal skills.

Not the Perfect Family

For those seeking insight into the ways that unhealthy family dynamics in childhood are continuing to affect current interpersonal relationships and functionality. This could include dynamics associated with divorce, step-families (nuclear and extended), addiction in the family, unhealthy boundaries, role confusion, and enmeshed families.

Changes and Conflicts

This 5-week semi-structured IPT group is appropriate for students who are experiencing change and/or conflict within their social world. Has your role within your family or friend group recently changed? Are you finding yourself in an argument with someone? If so, this group is could be a great fit for you! We will work to build conflict management skills, help adjust to changes, and provide emotional support through exploration of each group member’s unique social world.


Mindful Yoga OPEN WORKSHOP! No need to be a client at counseling center to attend. 

Fridays (CC) 11:00 am – 12:00 pm  (Angela Ogburn)

Learn yoga postures to cope with anxiety, depression, and trauma as we explore the mind-body connection together. Breathing and meditation techniques will also be a focus of this interactive group. No previous yoga experience needed. You need only an openness to self-awareness and new experiences. Join us to learn how stabilizing your body and breath can lead to stabilizing your emotional self.

Coping Creatively OPEN WORKSHOP! No need to be a client at counseling center to attend. 

Wednesdays (RAC) 2:30 – 4:00 & Fridays (CC) 1:00 – 2:30  (Angela Ogburn)

This group is for anyone with an interest in using crafting and art as a means of coping. No previous art skills or creative talent needed! You’ll learn how use creative expression 1) to explore your inner feelings and thoughts and 2) as a means of coping with unpleasant feelings or circumstances. Each week, you’ll learn how to take a new meditative art practice like mandala drawing and zendoodling and turn it into a coping skill for wellness and balance. All supplies are provided; only an open heart and mind needed!

Emotional Wisdom OPEN WORKSHOP! No need to be a client at counseling center to attend.

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