Workshops & Open Groups

You do NOT have to be a current client of the Counseling Center to attend workshops!

Summer 2020

Image of Adulting 101 Flyer

Adulting 101: Life Skills for Successful Adulting

Thursdays, ONLINE via Google Meet, 12:00pm-1:00pm with Nikita Robinson

July 2020 Topics:

  • Communication: Basic Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving 101: How to Identify Solutions
  • Decision Making: Prioritizing Individual Needs
  • Making a Complaint: How to Effectively Complain

A life skills workshop for students to increase independent functioning and successfully manage their life through development of common skills needed to function as an adult. 

Emotional Wisdom

 ONLINE Thursdays at 4:00pm with Dr. Katie Jones & Becca Smith

  • June 4th – Cognitive Toolkit for Anxiety
  • June 11th – Distress Tolerance
  • June 18th – Self-Compassion
  • June 25th – Emotional Regulation
  • July 2nd – No Workshop (Holiday)
  • July 9th – Cognitive Toolkit for Depression
  • July 16th – Intro to Mindfulness

If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression and would benefit from learning or reviewing emotional wisdom such as relaxation, mindfulness, cognitive tools to battle anxiety or depression, emotion regulation, and/or social anxiety, this could be the seminar for you! Seminars are designed with the “Learn by Doing” principle. Learn and practice exercises together so that you gain confidence using these skills in your daily life to manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Participate at your level of comfort. Topics will cover the same information but are offered on two different days to try and accommodate some scheduling conflicts.

Grief and Loss Support Workshop

ONLINE Mondays at 4:00 PM with Amanda Kort

The mourning of a loved one is challenging and can remain challenging for a long time. This workshop, open to all students who experience loss, provides grief education in a supportive setting. Come learn coping skills and gain a supportive network in the process. Grief can be eased by the support of others. Attend this workshop to find comfort, validation, and the knowledge that you are not alone.

Image of Mindful Yoga Flyer

Mindful Yoga

Wednesdays, 4:00pm-5:00pm, ONLINE via Google Meet, with Angela Landers & Dr. Gemma Skuraton

Email to register!

Learn yoga postures to cope with anxiety, depression, and trauma as we explore the mind-body connection together. Breathing and meditation techniques will also be a focus of this interactive group. No previous yoga experience needed. You need only an openness to self-awareness and new experiences. Join us to learn how stabilizing your body and breath can lead to stabilizing your emotional self.

YouTube video about Mindful Yoga at Georgia Southern University

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Join Ms. Angela Landers to learn how to amp up your self care! In this five week #selfcaresquad workshop, you’ll take a self care assessment and learn your barriers to self care and how it’s different from zoning out and escaping with TV & mindless scrolling. Lastly, you’ll learn about self care activities, find several that are the right fit for you, and make a self care plan! 

Image of Sleep clinic Flyer

Sleep Clinic

ONLINE July 23, 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm with Dr. Lauren Patterson

Getting good sleep is incredibly important for our overall health and well-being! Sleep Clinic is a two-hour workshop focused on learning ways to improve sleep. The workshop utilizes Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, including improving sleep routines, increasing relaxation, and changing thoughts about sleep. Prior Registration Required.

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