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2018-2021 Student Affairs Strategic Plan

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to taking strategic and intentional steps towards student success through meaningful dialogue and collaboration in and outside of Student Affairs. The following plan represents the Division’s strategic priorities and goals. Every department within Student Affairs is contributing to each Strategic Priority. We all have a stake in every Georgia Southern student’s success in and outside of the classroom.

We have Strategies in place, which are the specific, action steps departments are taking to help support the Goals and Strategic Priorities listed below. Assessment of our work is important. Annual reporting of our progress is in place to ensure that each of our department’s and ultimately Student Affairs are working to meet our priorities. We welcome any feedback you may have as you learn more about our story. For more information, contact Dr. Ken Gassiot, Associate Vice President for Student Engagement.

Theme: Leadership

Strategic Priority: Cultivate an atmosphere of leadership through service and self-exploration.

  • Maximize student participation in leadership development programs and initiatives
  • Expand service-learning and community engagement opportunities to the campus and surrounding communities
  • Practice leadership through hands-on learning and provide experiences that allow students and staff to understand themselves more deeply
  • Equip students with leadership skills that promote sustainability, inclusivity, and global citizenship

Theme: Wellness

Strategic Priority: Foster a community committed to holistic wellbeing.

  • Increase awareness, support, and connectedness of mind/body/spirit wellness programming and initiatives
  • Promote a mindset amongst students and staff that encourages sustainability, repurpose, and reuse
  • Nurture an environment that welcomes safety, comfortability, and dialogue of wellness, relationships, and mental health challenges
  • Recognize and reward those engaging in wellness and sustainability programming/initiatives

Theme: Diversity & Inclusion

Strategic Priority: Enhance an inclusive culture that respects diversity and promotes equity.

  • Grow education, awareness, and support of diverse cultures and backgrounds
  • Advance a climate of inclusivity, equity, and respect through awareness of social justice issues and operational practice
  • Increase retention and graduation rates of first generation, low income, students of color, and students with disabilities
  • Embrace and model inclusive practices through education, interactions, and partnerships

Theme: Learning

Strategic Priority: Activate experiential learning opportunities to enrich the lifelong learning process.

  • Actively engage students and campus community partners in experiential learning activities that are exciting and fun
  • Educate the campus community about programs, services, activities, and topics that encourage growth and development
  • Incorporate decision making that is informed from data, research, assessment, acquired knowledge, and best practices
  • Grow and support internal and external partnerships that expand and innovate student learning
  • Invite and facilitate learning opportunities for future administrators in student affairs/higher education

Last updated: 4/11/2019