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One University

2019-2020 Elections Results!!!!


“One University, Three Campuses, a United Student Government Association!”

Welcome to the Georgia Southern University Student Government Association webpage. As of January 2018, the Student Government Associations of Armstrong State University and Georgia Southern University came together to create a unified Student Government Association that can cater to the demands of students on each campus while maintaining collaboration to efficiently represent the students of the new university.

As the Student Government Association, our vision is to empower students through education, work to recognize issues, and implement solutions to better current and future students as we adhere to the standards of the Student Government Association Constitution.


“If you’re a student at Georgia Southern, we represent you!”

Have any concerns or questions? You can visit the FAQ page, Contact Us page, or you can email one of your college’s Senators, or attend Senate Meetings every Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Russell Union Ballroom!

Statesboro Campus: Senate meetings are held every Wednesday, at 6:30pm at the Russell Union Ballroom.

Armstrong Campus: Senate meetings are held every Monday, at 12:15pm at the Student Union Ballroom A.

Funding Requests

For Statesboro Campus students, request forms for Individual and Organization funding are available now on MyInvolvement! If you want to know more about funding requests, come see us in the SGA Office or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help!

For Armstrong and Liberty Campus students, to apply for RSO Funding click here, and to apply for Individual Student funding click here. Be sure to stop by the SGA Office if you have any questions or concerns!

Please allow at least two weeks prior to the event for the request to be considered and approved/denied. 

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