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Graduate Assistant Placement Partnership

The Division of Student Affairs and the Higher Education Program at Georgia Southern work closely to offer hands-on learning experiences for students seeking a career in Student Affairs in the classroom and also in graduate assistant roles.  Creating a good match with career desires and interests to roles within Student Affairs/higher education is critical.  This page shows opportunities that are currently available as well as the process to inquire about positions.

Grad Assistant positions for Fall 2020 are currently filled.  Available positions will be listed here.  If there is a particular area of interest or questions, please reach out directly to the appropriate department within the  Division of Student Affairs to inquire.

Hiring DepartmentGA Duties/Focus Area During AssistantshipDept. ContactContact EmailAssistantship Location


  1. Fill out an “online Graduate Assistantship Application” to ensure your interest is noted with the College of Graduate Studies (COGS).  The link can be found at  This step is important for the hiring manager to find your application and move forward quicker.
  2. If you see any positions of interest in those noted above, send an email at to the respective department at the contact info. listed, mention you submitted an official application for a graduate assistantship through COGS, and that you have an interest in one of the positions.
  3. The department will review your application and arrange a time to visit on the phone or in person to discuss it further

NOTE:  All Student Affairs departments strongly value the relationship with the Higher Education Program and believe in a congruent match between interested student and the hiring department.  All efforts will be given to offer priority consideration to those within the Higher Education Program and those departments who have positions available and being made available on this page.

Next Steps

  • After sending an email to the hiring department, browse the Division of Student Affairs website to learn more about what we do as a Division and how we serve students.  Connecting your in class experience to the work within Student Affairs as a practitioner is vital.
  • Consider going by any Student Affairs department and find out more what they do!  Talk to leadership and perhaps arrange a time to learn more about their department, even if it is no the department you are interested in working.  We all play a role in the development of students and see our functional areas as opportunities to collaborate for student success.
  • The positions noted above are considered priority placement opportunities for Georgia Southern Higher Education Program graduate students until May 1st.  After that date, the hiring department will consider other admitted students from other departments in addition to those from the Higher Education Program.
  • Any follow up questions on the process listed above, contact Dr. Dan Calhoun (Higher Education Program Coordinator) at or Dr. Ken Gassiot (Associate Vice President for Student Engagement) at

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