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Comprehensive Sexual Assault Awareness Curriculum for University Athletics

Curriculum Description:

The purpose of this curriculum is to provide comprehensive sexual assault prevention education to the student athlete body at Georgia Southern University. The curriculum will serve as a means to open conversations that address topics such as; sexual assault and gender violence while promoting a campus culture of respect, safety and wellness.  

Curriculum Objectives:

  1. To create a safe environment in which difficult topics such as consent, sexual assault, and gender violence can be discussed and solutions can be communicated.
  2. To provide the campus community with a clear definition of consent.
  3. To educate on strategies to reduce the incidence of sexual assault and gender violence among the campus community.
  4. To initiate a call to action and intervene during instances of sexual assault, harassment or gender violence.
  5. To increase self-efficacy towards bystander intervention practices.

Sponsoring Departments: Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), Health Services, University Athletics, Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX

Last updated: 6/23/2020