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Virtual Resources

Student Wellness & Health Promotion knows it can be challenging to stay well during a pandemic so have compiled opportunities for you to improve your wellbeing. These range from self-care tips, to workshops and other fun educational experiences and are delivered through a virtual platform. Check out the options below to learn how you can “Do Well Digitally” 

Mindful Yoga

Wednesdays & Fridays

Counseling Center Facebook Page

Learn yoga postures to cope with anxiety, depression, and trauma as we explore the mind-body connection together. Breathing and meditation techniques will also be a focus of this interactive group. No previous yoga experience needed. You need only an openness to self-awareness and new experiences. Join us to learn how stabilizing your body and breath can lead to stabilizing your emotional self.


Virtual Wellness Coaching

What is Virtual Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is a free service that provides opportunities for you to gain awareness and learn strategies to help you thrive on campus and beyond.  Wellness coaches take a positive approach to personal development, focusing on your strengths to help you generate goals that are meaningful to you. We are happy to offer this service virtually while we are away from campus. 

What can a Wellness Coach help with?

We can assist you navigate challenges related to the following topics:

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Relaxation Strategies

What makes coaching different from counseling?

There are many parallels between coaching and counseling that can make it easy to confuse the two services. The chart below describes some of the difference between these two distinctive services.

Both coaching and counseling can be incredibly valuable for students. If you think you’d like to seek treatment for a mental health concern, please contact the Counseling Center at 912-478-5541 on the Statesboro campus or 912-344-2529 on the Armstrong campus, or explore their website. If you want support in navigating transitions in your life, are seeking a safe place to talk through challenges or want to focus on improving your college experience through focusing on wellness and strengths, wellness coaching could be a great fit for you! Request a Wellness Coach here.

Meditation Monday

Set aside some time every Monday and tune into the GS Student Wellness and Health Promotion Facebook Page to listen to guided meditation led by our student employees!

Words With Wellness

Take advantage of this opportunity to talk to Student Wellness & Health Promotion while away from campus. We are hosting virtual office hours on google chat every Tuesday from 11am to 2pm. Simply send a google chat to to receive help related to sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, time management, and relaxation techniques.

Note: this opportunity is for the purpose of learning self-care strategies designed to improve your wellbeing. This is not mental health counseling or crisis management. You may be referred to more advanced counseling services if Student Wellness & Health Promotion staff deems appropriate.

Wellness Wednesday

Join the Georgia Southern University Facebook Page to learn self care strategies during the pandemic. Videos are shared on Wednesdays.

Peer Body Project 

In collaboration with the Counseling Center, Student Wellness & Health Promotion are excited to bring The Body Project to students in a virtual format! The Body Project is a body acceptance group that meets once a week for four weeks via webex to discuss our culture of unattainable beauty ideals, how those ideals affect us, and how we can promote more realistic and healthy perspectives. Click here for more information on the Peer Body Project.


DIY Restorative Retreat 

Date: TBA

Time: 10am-12pm 

Platform: Webex

Click to Register 

Health is the state of your body but wellness is the state of your being. Join the Counseling Center and Student Wellness & Health Promotion for a DIY Restorative Retreat. If you’re interested in learning how to create your Yin space at home, register for this workshop where we will teach you techniques for exploring the mind-body connection while social distancing at home! Components will include; meditation, stretching, restorative yoga poses and meditative artwork.

Last updated: 6/4/2020