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About Us


Your health and wellbeing plays a critical role in your ability to succeed on and off campus. Student Wellness & Health Promotion strives to help students identify positive behaviors and coping strategies related to Emotional Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Interpersonal Violence, and more. Through interacting with our office, programs and peer educators, we feel students will be able to learn life-long strategies for living a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Student Wellness & Health Promotion is to foster a culture of wellness that champions an environment focused on the whole person, whole educational experience, and whole institution resulting in shared responsibility for the entire campus.

Purpose Statement

The Office of Student Wellness & Health Promotion seeks to create an environment in which all students can thrive. 


  1. Create a culture of wellness based on the Social Ecological Model 
  2. Develop partnerships within the campus and community to support a culture of wellness on campus.
  3. Utilize Peer Education as a primary form of changing or influencing behavior change on campus.
  4. Implement evidence-based programs and best practices related to Public Health.

Our Team!

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Last updated: 6/23/2020