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UPB – Join UPB

The general members of the University Programming Board are the life-blood of the organization! Without these dedicated students, UPB’s events and programs would not be possible. Membership with the University Programming Board provides great experiences related to program planning, event management and leadership. Members of UPB gain real-world experiences that help prepare them for their future careers. Consider joining UPB to develop your leadership skills, make new friends and help build a stronger community at Georgia Southern University!

Our Mission: The University Programming Board at Georgia Southern University impacts the personal development of our members by providing educational opportunities for continued growth. Using this knowledge, we empower our members to become better leaders with valuable hands-on experience.

The University Programming Board is committed to sponsoring diverse programs, while building an inclusive campus culture.

Applications for UPB General Body Members are currently closed. Check back later to see when applications will be accepted.

Last updated: 1/3/2024