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Start a New Organization

New student organization applications will be available for the 2023 Fall semester September 1, 2023 – November 30, 2023.

Students wishing to organize into a new organization must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have at least four (4) chartering members. Each member must be currently enrolled at Georgia Southern University. Note: One of the four students must be designated as the initial Registered Agent. The Registered Agent is the contact and spokesperson for the group.
    1. Liberty Campus: Must have at least two (2) chartering members.
  2. Secure an organizational Advisor. An advisor must be a full-time faculty/staff member and has been an employee for 6 months at Georgia Southern University.
  3. Draft a Constitution/Bylaws that will govern your organization. Use this checklist to help you create your own Constitution/Bylaws for your new organization.
  4. Have two (2) chartering members attend a New Organization Charting Workshop to learn about the new student organization chartering process. Note: One of these officers must be the registered agent (President).
  5. After completion of the New Organization Chartering Workshop, the registered agent (President) and one (1) additional chartering member must complete the New Organization Chartering Training via Folio. (You must pass each module quiz with an 80% or higher within the training.)
  6. After completion of the New Organization Chartering Training and submitting the evaluation and officer agreements, the registered agent (President) must submit an official, new organization registration form (with a formal Constitution and roster) via Eagle Engage.
    1. If your organization is re-chartering, please contact your alpha listing processor to give you access to your Eagle Engage page to submit the organization registration.
      1. A-L Organizations | Coleman Bailey |
      2. M-Z Organizations | Cat Bishop Hoopaugh |
  7. After successful completion of the Eagle Engage registration form, the President and Primary Advisor will be required to complete agreement forms and post tests. (These forms will be emailed after your organization registration has been approved by an OSA staff member.)

Note: Please allow the Office of Student Activities at least two weeks to process requests.

For further information concerning chartering a new student organization and recognition procedures, please reference the links below:

Fall 2023 New Organization Chartering Workshops Dates

All New Organization Chartering Workshops will take place from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m.

**Please note that ALL New Org Chartering Workshops will be held via Zoom. Register for the date you would like to attend using the links below.

Fri., September 8th3:00 PM
Fri., September 22nd3:00 PM
Fri., October 27th3:00 PM
Fri., November 10th3:00 PM

Spring 2024 New Organization Chartering Workshops Dates

DateTimeRegistration Link
Fri., January 26th3:00 PMRegister Here
Fri., February 9th3:00 PMRegister Here
Fri., February 23rd3:00 PMRegister Here
Fri., March 22nd3:00 PMRegister Here

Relationship between University and Registered Student Organizations

Aside from the supervision exercised over organizations deemed to be “University Sponsored Organizations”, Georgia Southern University recognizes active, registered student organizations as independent entities and assumes no responsibility for their programs or activities. Some organizations, if closely connected with the activities of academic departments of the institution may, in some cases, receive special help and supervision from those departments. The name of the University shall not be used by any group not duly authorized as a part of the University, nor by any individual, without the approval of the President or his/her designee. Registered student organizations are considered not to be “duly organized as a part of the University.”

Non-University students and University employees should not serve as officers or members within a student organization, other than fulfilling the role of advisor. Should a non-University student be considered an affiliate or associate member of a student organization, person(s) must be 18 years or older. They should not serve as voting members within a student organization, other than to settle a dispute in which the organization’s officers and members have been unsuccessful in resolving within a reasonable timeframe. In an advisor role, university employees should simply serve as mentors to the organization’s members and officers. No employee of the University has the authority to open an off-campus bank account in the name of or for the benefit of any student organization nor should any employee be included as an allowable signatory on any off-campus bank account of any student organization.

The name of the University, including any abbreviations, should not be used in the official, registered name of the organization and may not be used within the name or description of any off-campus banking account established and/or maintained by any student organization.

Responsibility for any views expressed in a meeting or activity of a student organization is solely that of the individuals concerned and the University is not to be held to approve or disapprove of such views, whatever their nature. The University is to be concerned exclusively with the discharge of its educational obligation and to facilitate free discussion of all points of view, to the extent constitutionally guaranteed.

Last updated: 12/12/2022