Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions

What do students learn by participating?

All our student positions promote critical thinking, communication skills and teamwork — the “soft skills” that employers in all fields tell us are very important.

If students pursue a media career, will they find a job?

The media environment has changed dramatically in recent years, but our graduates are finding jobs at mainstream newspapers, television stations, web startups, marketing agencies and business communication departments. You can see some examples at

Why do you still print a newspaper? Isn’t that old-fashioned?

Our mission is to build community at Georgia Southern. A printed newspaper is still the best way to engage many of our students. They may not necessarily seek out campus news on their smartphone, but they will spend time with a printed paper during breaks in their day. So we have a chance with our print edition to help them find connections and be a better informed participant in our community.

Meanwhile, all our news-producing staff members are involved in digital content every day. They are building skills directly relevant to today’s media jobs while also reaching the ever-increasing smartphone audience.

The printed newspaper is assembled each week by designers who focus on engaging readers — a skill they will need in any future design career.

Also, the printed newspaper still attracts more advertising dollars than the cost of publication. So it supports our other activities.

How are you funded?

We are generously supported by Georgia Southern student activity fees, and we add advertising sales. Those sources cover our basic operations.

We solicit donations to help us do more, such as sending students to national conferences and staging training on campus. If you’d like to donate, please visit our foundation account. Please designate Student Media Account 0751.

Last updated: 6/26/2018

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