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The Office of Student Media provides opportunities for students of all majors to get involved on campus and to serve their community. What will you do and learn? Listen to some graduates:


It helped me tremendously. I became used to a newsroom environment. It taught me responsibility and time management and gave me the skills I needed to be successful transitioning from college to the workforce, such as editing, writing, social media management, teamwork, etc.

–Shakeem Holloway, digital associate producer, ESPN, Charlotte, North Carolina (Student Media staff member 2012-2014, George-Anne sports editor 2013-2014)

I think Student Media really prepared me for the real world by helping me grow in my communication. And how to lead a small group or team and how to communicate with superiors. It also taught me professionalism and how to present myself in the workplace and how to collaborate with others. … It’s cheesy to say, but I have lifelong friends.

–Cydney Long, Team Lead Ground Operations at GetYourGuide, New York (Student Media staff member 2014-2016, Marketing Division manager, 2015-2016)

Student Media has helped my career in every facet at every step of my career thus far. … It is arguably the most valuable thing I did at Georgia Southern.

–Phillip Scroggin, owner, Sol Insights, Savannah, Georgia (Student Media sales representative 2011-2012)

I still remember the first time I walked into the Student Media offices. It was also my first day on campus. I left that meeting with my first story for the Southern Reflector, lifelong friends and I started a journalism career that has taken me around the country doing what I love. You might have a chance to be editor of The George-Anne while you’re here. You’ll certainly become a part of a great organization and you’ll enrich your life in the process.

–Charles Minshew, director of data services at Investigative Reporters and Editors, Columbia, Missouri (Student Media staff member 2008-2011, George-Anne editor-in-chief, 2010-2011)

You have to work with a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds and levels of knowledge, so it really forces you to get along and also learn how to teach as you go. … I feel like college is really good at teaching you the material, but Student Media was really good at teaching you how to implement that material.

–Heather Youmans, associate producer for creative services, Sirius XM, New York (Student Media staff member 2014-2016, editor-in-chief of Creative Division 2015-2016)

Student Media was my first experience with the real world applications of design and the joy of seeing your work, along with the work of so many other people, come together into something everyone can be proud of. The experience with real deadlines, real challenges and solutions that require real thought and consideration was indispensable in my preparation for being a working graphic designer in the professional world.

–Jose Ramon Gil III, UI/UX Designer at Stable Kernel, Atlanta (Student Media staff member 2012-2014, production manager 2013-2014)

Student Media taught me about building relationships, meeting deadlines, page design, journalism ethics and more. Without student media, I don’t think I would fully understand or appreciate the important role of a journalist.

Jackie Gutknecht, communications specialist, Oxford College of Emory University (Student Media staff member 2011-2014, George-Anne managing editor 2013)

Interviewing was a big part of it. As someone who wasn’t a traditional journalism major, that’s something that was helpful. … Not just for interviewing for articles but also interviewing for jobs and talking to people in general. And what I learned outside of my specific job — design, videography, photography. Just being in that same space helped me pick up something I wouldn’t have received otherwise. It made me very well-rounded.

–Ian Leonard, marketing assistant, Marketing and Sales Coordinator at ACM, Association for Computing Machinery, New York (Student Media staff member 2014-2018, editor-in-chief of The George-Anne Print Division, 2016-2017)

Student Media gave me access to a lot of tools and professional experience in a kind of sandbox environment, meaning there’s room to grow, room to try different things and room to make mistakes. And through those experiences I was able to connect with real world professionals. I was able to use legit software and able to network with other students and journalists around the country to figure out my career path and take those real skills and use them in my career now.

–Jeff Licciardello, marketing director,, New York (Student Media staff member 2013-2017, editor-in-chief of Reflector magazine 2014-2016)

Working for the student newspaper really kind of prepared us for this field, and in ways that we didn’t anticipate. There’s just some things you can’t learn in the classroom. You just have to go out there and give it your best shot.

–Matthew Enfinger, senior digital content producer, WRDW-TV, Augusta. (Student media staff member 2016-2020, George-Anne Statesboro editor-in-chief 2019-2020)

Being in student media helped prepare me to work in a newsroom. I understood the different roles that each person played and the value they brought to the newsroom. .. Student Media served as a catapult for my journalism career.

Kimeko McCoy, journalist, Digiday. (Student Media staff member 2012-2014, George-Anne features editor 2013)

Student Media prepared me for management early on and taught me how to collaborate across departments with designers, sales/business and editorial staff. This is a key skill I utilize today working on a marketing team. I’m also a manager now in my current role and found the leadership training courses and experience directly overseeing the outcome of a department at Student Media very valuable to what I do now.”

–Marissa Martin, campaign manager, ABM Industries, Atlanta (Student Media staff member 2011-2014, Marketing Division manager 2013-2014)

“It helped me learn how to juggle lots of things at once. I learned weaknesses while working with others. I don’t have to control everything.”

–Chloe (Douglas) James, attorney, Slepian Schwartz and Landgaard, Peachtree City, Georgia (Student Media staff member 2012-2014, Business Division manager 2013-2014)

Student Media definitely helped me get acclimated to the newsroom environment. When I was interviewing for jobs that was a thing I heard from hirers a lot: “You sound like you know your way around a newsroom.” It was also helpful in getting me out of my comfort zone. I feel like a lot of college students end up in a bubble of mostly people their age aside from professors. Student Media had me interacting with older adults in a professional setting.

–Shelby Farmer, designer and editor, Chattanooga (Tennessee) Times Free Press (Student Media staff member 2012-2014, George-Anne editor-in-chief 2013-2014.)

Student Media taught me how to work with others as well as how to manage others. It built my resume up and helped get my foot in the door of my first job.

–Casey Cargle, public relations specialist at Alliance Marketing Partners, Atlanta. (Student Media staff member 2013-2107, George-Anne Digital Division editor-in-chief, 2016-2017)

It allowed me to explore some of the professional aspects of the journalism profession I wouldn’t have necessarily learned in my journalism classes. It taught me how to be a leader and prepared me to become a journalist.

–Jozsef Papp, news reporter, The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle (Student Media staff member 2014-2018, George-Anne editor-in-chief 2017-2018)

My decision to join Student Media was one of the few smart decisions I made in college – I owe every connection and career opportunity I’ve had since graduating to it. What I learned working in the Williams Center took me from Southeast Georgia to working within a block of the Empire State Building. It turned a bumbling, unorganized sophomore into an employable adult.

Will Price, home and design editor, Gear Patrol Magazine, New York (editor-in-chief of The George-Anne, 2014-2015)

“Not only did I learn valuable skills to add to my resume and create portfolio material I was proud to show future employers, but I also made great friends. Long after graduation, we continue to support each other in our careers and personal lives.”

–Peyton Callanan, marketing coordinator, Visit Sandy Springs (George-Anne and Reflector staff, 2012-2015)

The only thing more valuable than the hands-on experience you gain as a member of Student Media are the relationships you build along the way.

–Will Cheney, sports writer, The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle (sports editor of The George-Anne, 2014)

Journalism classes alone would have never prepared me for working at a daily newspaper. Four years of reporting on deadline, editing hundreds of stories and collaborating across Student Media divisions gave me the experience I needed to truly be successful after graduation. Along the way, I made lifelong friends and professional connections that are invaluable. If you are even remotely interesting in joining one of our divisions, give it a try — you won’t regret it.

–Lauren Gorla, senior editor, The Columbus (Georgia) Ledger-Enquirer (editor-in-chief of The George-Anne, 2015-2016)

How to get Involved


  • We welcome newcomers at any time.
  • All majors are welcome.
  • No experience is required. We provide training.
  • Some roles require minimum time commitments. Some do not. We can work with your schedule.
  • Scholarship positions are awarded to some students who can make greater time commitments.
  • Students have the first and last word on all content.
  • To learn more with no obligation, fill out an interest form at

Last updated: 5/11/2023