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Eagles for Eagles

One University. Three Campuses. One Student Government.


Are you ready to give? Scan the QR Code or visit the link below!
Our goal is to raise $14,000 by students for students.
Lets SOAR and reach that height!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eagles for Eagles?

Eagles for Eagles is a Student Government Association student fundraising initiative. The purpose is to raise money to give awards to Georgia Southern students in extreme financial hardship.

Who is the target audience of this initiative?

The Eagles for Eagles initiative focuses on student giving in action. It is about Eagles helping Eagles, building upon the student centered approach to help keep as many of our valued members of our Eagle family as possible.

How does Eagles for Eagles work?

This initiative works in two steps:

  1.  Members of the Eagles family and community including, but not limited to: student organizations, faculty, staff, individual students and family and friends of Georgia Southern fundraise and donate to Eagles for Eagles.
  2. Students with temporary financial need apply for a one time maximum award of $1000.

How can I make a difference? “I am a broke college student.”

If each Georgia Southern student donated $4 to this initiative, which is the same as a Wendy’s $4 for 4, the Eagles for Eagles initiative would raise over $60,000, which could distribute 60 awards of $1000 each to keep your fellow Eagle students in school and financially stable.

What is the maximum amount of this award?

Each recipient can receive up to $1000.

Can I apply for an Eagles for Eagles award today?

Of course you can! Come visit the SGA office and ask about Eagles for Eagles or visit this link.

I am interested in becoming involved with this initiative, where do I learn more?

The Eagles for Eagles initiative is headquartered in the SGA office on the first floor of the Russell Union. Be on the lookout for upcoming fundraising events and help promote our efforts.Also, if individuals or any student organizations or individuals have fundraising ideas, please feel free to reach out!

***For any questions regarding Eagles for Eagles, or to submit applications, please email

Last updated: 3/11/2019