F.A.Q. for Parents

Can I find out more about my student’s conduct file?

If the student is over 18 years of age, this information is only released to parents if the student grants access by signing a FERPA release form.

Why can’t my student register for classes?

This may be because the student has a hold on their account. A student can log onto their WINGS account and verify what type of hold they have.  If it is a conduct hold they may have sanctions that still need to be completed.

I received a parent letter? Do I need to do anything? 

No, you may want to encourage your student to complete his or her sanctions in a timely manner.  Should you have specific questions about the situation you may contact the Conduct Officer listed on the letter.

How can I be involved with my student’s conduct cast?

Yes, you may be involved in the process as an advisor.  A student is permitted to have one advisor with them during the conduct process.  Parents not serving as an advisor may attend the hearing date; however, they must wait outside of the hearing along with any other party the student has with them.

Last updated: 8/13/2018

Office of Student Conduct • PO Box 8070 • (912) 478-0059 • studentconduct@georgiasouthern.edu