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Student Leadership Opportunities

University Student Conduct Board

The University Conduct Board is comprised of faculty, staff and student members from the university community. When a student is accused of a violation of the student conduct code, they have the opportunity to have their cased resolved by an administrator in the Office of Student Conduct or choose to resolve it through the formal hearing process. One of these formal hearing options is the University Student Conduct Board. The University Student Conduct Board is responsible for reviewing all information at a set date and time and making a recommendation for the outcome of the case. Students can apply to serve on the University Student Conduct Board by completing the application below.

Applications are now closed! Recruitment will start soon so come back later for information!

Are you a Faculty or Staff Member interested in serving on the USCB? Fill out the form below to let us know!

New faculty/Staff interested in serving on the USCB – click here!

Last updated: 9/22/2021