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Student Leadership Opportunities

Eagle Ethics Ambassadors 

The Eagle Ethics Ambassador is a leadership role within the Office of Student Conduct. Students serving in this role will find a variety of opportunities to engage with our office as well as with students across campus. These ambassadors will serve on the University Student Conduct Board, an integral part of the Student Conduct process that allows students to have their case heard by a panel that includes their peer’s perspective. These student leaders will also assist in planning and facilitating programming initiatives and educational outreach with the Office of Student Conduct. These student leaders will have the opportunity to grow their leadership skills through regular leadership development workshops, mentor opportunities, and more! Eagle Ethics Ambassadors will also have the opportunity to earn service hours for the time and effort dedicated to the role.

University Student Conduct Board 

The University Student Conduct Board (USCB) has the authority to hear cases involving alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct. The USCB is comprised of faculty, staff and student members from the university community. When a student is accused of a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, they have the opportunity to have their cased resolved by an administrator in the Office of Student Conduct or choose to resolve it through the formal hearing process. One of these formal hearing options is the University Student Conduct Board.

University Student Conduct Board members, officers and representatives are responsible for providing a fair and unbiased process to address issues of student conduct. During hearings, the University Student Conduct Board will follow all operational guidelines and seek support and guidance from the University Student Conduct Board Chair when appropriate. Hearings are formal and confidential. The board will decide, in closed session, if the accused student should be found responsible or not based on the information presented via a majority vote. Sanctions imposed by the University Student Conduct Board will also be decided by majority vote.

Students can apply to serve on the University Student Conduct Board by applying to serve as an Eagle Ethics Ambassador and completing the application below! Students are selected through an annual application and interview process.

Faculty and Staff Members interested in serving on the USCB for the 2023-2024 academic year can submit their interest via this form – click here!

All University Student Conduct Board members receive annual training from the Office of Student Conduct.

Recruitment for The Eagle Ethics Ambassador Program is OPEN! Applications can be found here

Last updated: 8/7/2023