Alternative Media Access Center

AMAC (Textbooks in Alternative Format)

Students with visual processing deficits, visual acuity disabilities and other conditions affecting reading may be eligible to receive their textbooks in electronic or other formats – allowing them, for example, to listen to written information.

The Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) provides qualified students with the latest in adaptive technology. By registering with AMAC, you will receive your textbooks in electronic or other corresponding reading software programs if needed.

Upon receiving approval from SARC staff for AMAC usage, call the SARC and schedule an appointment to register for AMAC with a disability service provider.

The SARC will continue to maintain other adaptive technology programs (such as ZoomText) for individuals needing that service. We maintain one (1) scan and read station and two(2) read-only stations at the Georgia Southern University Henderson Library, which can be accessed after normal business hours.

Training and troubleshooting is available through the SARC, as well as the AMAC technical support website.

Last updated: 6/19/2018

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