Receiving Services

What you need to do to receive services:

  1. Self-identify to the SARC.  You can complete the Voluntary Declaration of Disability (VDD) form on our website.  You can complete this form HERE. Please print the form once completed.  You may mail, deliver, or fax the completed Voluntary Declaration of Disability form to SARC on your campus.
  2. Meet with a disability service provider (in person or via phone) to discuss your accommodation needs.
  3. Compile documentation of your condition/diagnosis and provide it to SARC. You can find specific documentation requirements HERE. It is best to supply copies rather than originals.

**Note: For distance learners, the process for receiving SARC services can be conducted via telephone or in person.

What the Student Accessibility Resource Center will do:

  1. We will meet with the student (in person or via phone) to discuss accommodation needs on campus.
  2. We will review the submitted documentation. If a system review is necessary, we will forward the documentation to the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD).
  3. Once the review process is completed, the student will be notified by mail or email regarding the review outcome.
  4. When appropriate, SARC professional staff members will assist students in procuring documentation that meets Board of Regents standards.

Last updated: 6/6/2019

Student Accessibility Resource Center – Statesboro • PO Box 8037 • (912) 478-1566 •

Student Accessibility Resource Center – Savannah/Liberty • 11935 Abercorn Street • (912) 344-2572 •