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Additional Resources

Advisement Centers

Students who have specific questions regarding their current major or potential major change should consult their academic advisor.

Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing, Advisement Center Building, Room 1208(912) 478-4877
Exploratory-Undeclared Student, Advisement Center Center, Room 1001(912) 478-3939
College of Arts and Humanities, Advisement Center Building (IAB), 1038(912) 478-7740
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Advisement Center Building, Suite 2244(912) 478-6901
College of Education, Advisement Center of Education Building, Room 1107(912) 478-0698
College of Science and Mathematics, Advisement Center Building, Room 1116(912) 478-0649
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Advisement Center Hall, Room 1016(912) 478-2674
Parker College of Business, Advisement Center
College of Business Administration, Room 1101(912) 478-0085
Waters College of Health Professions, Advisement Center Building, Room 0101(912) 478-1931
Armstrong Campus Advisement Center Success Center(912) 344-2570
Honors Advisement House(912) 478-7926
Student Athlete Services Hall, First Floor(912) 478-0746

Other Campus Resources

Counseling Center

Students can access services designed to help them handle life’s challenges. Individual and group counseling as well as workshops and support groups are available at no extra cost to students.

Academic Success Center

Provides students with tutoring services, mentoring, testing services, success workshops, and individual academic consultations.

Office of Student Activities

Provides students with diverse activities and student organizations. Join an already existing student organization or start a new one!

Office of Leadership and Community Engagement

Students can build leadership skills and connect with the community by getting involved with activities and opportunities beyond the classroom, including workshops, seminars, and volunteer experiences.

Last updated: 7/26/2021