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Candid Career

Candid Career is an online resource to provide insight into various career fields from professionals currently working in that industry. Interviews on Candid Career offer wide-ranging information on what someone does in a particular occupation, aspects of their job that they enjoy (as well as the parts they do not), ways to prepare to enter that career field, and advice that they would like students to consider. 

Candid Career is a great tool to provide students with access to informational interviews from anywhere you have an internet connection. You may find that after viewing these interviews that you want to know more about a given profession, or you may learn that there are aspects of a profession that may make you reconsider a particular career path. Make sure you use this tool as one part of your exploration. Remember, in any profession, there are people with a variety of perspectives, likes, and dislikes.

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Last updated: 10/28/2021