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SGA run off elections ballot open Tuesday April 15,2014 until Thursday April 17, 2014 at 11:59pm.

Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs 
Cliff Padgett (Incumbent)- The Gentlemen’s Ticket
Charles Glover (Incumbent)- Francis-Hogan Ticket
Vice President of Finance 
Will McKinney (Incumbent)- The Gentlemen’s Ticket
Kaitlin Kidwell (Incumbent)- Francis-Hogan Ticket


The 2014-15 Georgia Southern SGA Election Results are in!

Congratulations to Azell Francis! The new 2014-15 Georgia Southern SGA President.

Photo Azell Francis

Congratulations to Ellen Hogan! The new 2014-15 Georgia Southern SGA Executive Vice President.

Photo of Ellen Hogan

(click on the result photos to enlarge) Photo of SGA President results Photo of SGA President results 1011626_687027851335430_4674496676919870672_n 1897790_687027854668763_5955264828670462907_n 1560635_687027858002096_3123831536436563964_n

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