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Arts & Humanities

While special knowledge of specific subject matter is necessary for certain occupational settings, not all employment settings require specialization. Many employers prefer liberal arts graduates who possess broad liberal arts skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, management and administration, and communication. These functional transferable skills combined with specific content knowledge are most useable and marketable in a broad span of occupational settings. Philosophy especially teaches students critical thinking and problem solving skills which are essential to any position. Many people chose to major in philosophy as a springboard for careers in law, government, or business. It is highly recommended that students gain relevant experience through internships, volunteering, or leadership to learn skills needed for specific areas ofinterest.

General Information

College of Arts and Humanities

Department Website Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Degree(s) Offered
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Possible Employment Settings
  • Archives/federal, municipal
  • Bookstores
  • Business corporations
  • Churches & religious organizations
  • Foundations, non-profit
  • Industries/Manufacturing
  • Learned periodicals
  • Libraries
  • Magazines & newspapers
  • Public relations firms
  • Research Institutions
  • Social services agencies
  • Travel agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Civil rights commission
  • Consumer affairs officeEducation Department
  • Foreign Service
  • Library of Congress
  • National Archives
  • Museums
  • Public Interest Research Groups
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Adult education programs
  • Insurance companies
  • Political organizations
  • Consulting services
  • Publishing agencies
  • Travel agencies
  • Professional/ Trade associations
  • Advertising agencies/ Departments
Occupational Opportunities
  • Administrative Official/Government Service
  • Anthropological Linguist
  • Archivist
  • Biographer
  • Book Critic
  • Cataloger
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Genealogist
  • Immigration inspector
  • International relations specialist
  • Intelligence specialist
  • Lawyer*
  • Clergy member
  • College/University official
  • Collaborator
  • Cryptanalyst
  • Columnist/Commentator
  • Department Head/College*
  • Director of Institutional Research*Editor of a Publication
  • Essayist
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Physician*
  • Psychiatrist*
  • Psychologist*
  • Public Relations Representative
  • Social Worker*
  • Training Instructor
  • Writer/Poet
  • Bioethics/Business Ethics
  • Mediator
  • Philosophical Counselors
  • Social Worker/Counselor*
  • Technical Writer/Author
  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Clergy

*Requires additional education

Professional and Student Organizations
Professional Organizations Student Organizations (MyOrgs)
American Philosophical Association Philosophical Society
American Assoc. of Philosophy Teachers Phi Sigma Tau
Society for Philosophy and Psychology ReVISION
The American Literature Association
Salary Information
Internet Resources

Last updated: 8/25/2020