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Geology is by its very nature a broad, eclectic science with many applications to a range of fundamental scientific issues. As the most integrative of sciences, geology is also the one most directly concerned with the major environmental issues of resources, hazards, and planning. The geology faculty has expertise in the core areas of mineralogy, petrology, stratigraphy, structural geology, paleontology, hydrology, and geomorphology. Georgia Southern’s geology program emphasizes oral and written communication skills, research and problem solving ability, and teamwork, producing graduates who succeed in diverse and challenging work environments and in graduate programs.

General Information
College of Science and Mathematics
Department Website Department of Geology and Geography
Degree(s) Offered

Bachelor of Art in Geology

Bachelor of Science in Geology

Minor/Second Discipline: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Possible Employment Settings
  • Petroleum industry
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Drilling companies
  • Engineering
  • Energy companies
  • Seismic survey organizations
  • Mining companies
Occupational Opportunities
  • Astronomers
  • Structural Geologist
  • Park Naturalist
  • Cartographer
  • PhotogrammetristsTeacher/Professor*
  • Paleontologist
  • Meteorologist
  • Geophysicist
  • Aerial Photographer
  • Management/Administration
  • Mining Geologist/Engineer
  • Earth Science Teacher
  • Geological Technician
  • Petroleum Geologist
  • Natural Science Managers
  • Engineering Geologist
  • Environmental Geologist
  • Hydrogeologist/Hydrologist
  • Consultant
  • Geophysics Technician
  • National Park Service
  • Professional
  • Pollution Control Specialist
  • Prospector
  • Sedimentologist
  • Surveyor
  • Urban/Regional Planner
Professional and Student Organizations
Professional Organizations GSU Student Organizations (MyOrgs)
American Geological Institute Geo Club
American Association of Petroleum Geologists Evolution and Ecology
The Geological Society of America Student Alliance for a Green Earth (SAGE)
Society for Exploration of Geophysicists
Salary Information
Internet Resources

Last updated: 7/28/2020