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Vehicle Reservations

Large Passenger Vehicles are available for reservation by Student Organizations, Faculty and Staff members from Georgia Southern University. Students requesting use of a vehicle must be in a student organization, and must be using the vehicle for a student organization related trip.


Additionally, to be eligible for a vehicle reservation, drivers must be 21+ years old, have a valid license with less than 10 points on their record, completed the online vehicle training after July 1, 2014 and fill out the driver acknowledgment form in the Russell Union Reservations Office.
Vehicle training module can be accessed by:

1. Log on to your MyGeorgiaSouthern account.

2. Click eLearning System (Building a Better U) located in the My Services menu on the left side of the screen.

3.At the bottom of the screen you should see Commonly Used Courses followed by Enrollment Status.

4. If your status is Enrolled, enter Commonly Used Courses and select RU and CRI Van Training.


If your status is Not Enrolled, click Enroll located below Commonly Used Courses. When asked “Do you want to add this item to your Learning Plan?” click Yes. A window will pop up asking for various information. You do not need to fill out any of this information, just click Save. After the confirmation windows, enter Commonly Used Courses and select RU and CRI Van Training.


Please review the fees associated with Vehicle Rentals.

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Last updated: 11/14/2018