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Wellness Champions

What are Wellness Champions?

Students that have an interest in helping to create a culture of wellness on campus. Champions will integrate health and wellbeing into student organizations, respective groups and/or departments, in order to help Student Wellness & Health Promotion create an environment where all students can thrive. 

What are Wellness Champions responsible for?

  • Reinforce vision, messaging, and activities of Student Wellness & Health Promotion.
  • ​Serve as a healthy lifestyle role-model within your Student Organization or designated group on Campus.
  • Relay information about events/ programs related to student wellbeing. 
  • Facilitate wellbeing activities with your group/organization based upon provided training.
  • Effectively refer students to campus resources related to health and wellbeing needs.
  • Communicate regularly with Student Wellness & Health Promotion.
  • Complete training on Wellness Champion Folio Course.
  • Log-in to Wellness Champion Folio Course to review weekly updates.

Why should I be a Wellness Champion?

  • Receive financial incentive for your Student Organization 
  • Champions are the “first to know” about the latest health and wellbeing happenings on campus
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Gain knowledge and training on current health and wellness topics affecting college students 
  • Gain access to strong peer, professional, and cross campus network

What is the time commitment of a Wellness Champion?

There is not a specific number of hours each Wellness Champion must commit to; however, in order to be successful in this role one should expect to spend approximately 5 hours each week to advancing Wellness Champion efforts.

How do I apply to be a Wellness Champion?

Complete the application here!

See below for more answers to common questions.

Can a Student Organization have more than 1 Wellness Champion?

Student Organizations can have as many Wellness Champions as they would like; however, financial incentive will only be awarded to the Student Organization based on the work of ONE Wellness Champion.

Is this opportunity only open to Student Organizations?

No. Campus Departments are invited to identify Wellness Champions as well. However, Campus Departments aren’t eligible for any financial incentive related to the work of Wellness Champions.

Last updated: 11/10/2022