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Creating Champions

In 2019, the Georgia Southern Sexual Assault Response Team and Health Services/Student Wellness & Health Promotion partnered together to create the Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women Champions Committee. The goal of the committee is to use social capital to reduce the stigma surrounding sexual violence and to prevent sexual assault on campus.

Georgia Southern University Champions include a variety of faculty and staff committed to creating a cultural shift to help reduce sexual violence. For a list of current Champions, please visit the committee’s website.

This workshop is designed to elevate the mission of the Champions Committee and to deepen the work being done to prevent sexual assault and violence, a program called Creating Champions was developed.

The Creating Champions workshop is a three-hour interactive and informative program. Created for male-identified individuals, we can confront challenges due to harmful gender norms while restructuring the concept of masculinity through mindful and intentional evaluation. The program is designed to help deepen understanding, gain new perspective, identify harmful societal norms, and provide tips, tools, and inspiration to empower everyone to make a difference, every day.

The workshop is conducted at various points during the year. You are also welcome to request the workshop for your group or organization.

For more information on the Creating Champions program or to sign up to participate, please submit your information to the Google form below and you will be contacted:

Last updated: 7/24/2023