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The George-Anne

The George-Anne gives a voice to the student body. Our student journalists find issues that are of interest to students at Georgia Southern University and they provide it in a way that is honest and interesting. This publication comes out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but there are no breaks or holidays when it comes to news. Our staff members update everyday and make sure that students, parents and professors are receiving the information they deserve.

Since it’s beginning in 1927 The George-Anne has provided this news to students. Naming of this publication came at a time when men and women were not allowed to share classrooms, hence the gender-neutral name of “George-Anne.” Today, The George-Anne is the longest running newspaper in Bulloch County and publishes more content than any other student newspaper in Georgia.


The News section strives to deliver a flow of accurate, unbiased, relevant articles about current events that occur on Georgia Southern University’s campus and in the city of Statesboro. The News Editor can be reached at

Arts & Entertainment

A&E serves to inform the Georgia Southern University student body and community about plays, performances, the latest fashion trends, movies, and Georgia Southern culture. The A&E Editor can be reached at


Georgia Southern University loves sports and the Sports section works hard to keep up with the fans’ demand for constant coverage and analysis. The Sports Editor can be reached at


Our copy team is the last line of defense between an error and the university community. The copy editors work hard, critiquing every sentence that crosses their desks. They approve every material that leaves our offices, including advertisements, marketing materials, magazines and newspaper stories.


Our Multimedia section manages The George-Anne’s online presence. The team keeps up with readers on Twitter and Facebook while keeping our site updated with new content. More opportunities are evolving in this section of The George-Anne with our broadcast team. Student journalists interested in working for another medium can switch from writing for print to writing for script with our multimedia team.


The Opinions section is the most direct connection our audience has to The George-Anne. This section publishes weekly columns, guest columns and letters to the editor. In the pages of the other sections, writers and editors are providing information to readers. In the Opinions section, readers have the opportunity to respond to the news and communicate their opinions to the university community as well as to The George-Anne. To reach the Opinions editor email

Last updated: 1/26/2016