The Marketing Department at Student Media is a combination of all sections.  These students plan events for each of our publications, implement branding strategies and ensure that all of our student’s hard work is seen throughout campus and the community.  If you are interested in marketing, public relations, or event planning, contact the Marketing Manager at for more information.

Internal Marketing Coordinator

The internal marketing coordinator coordinates Student Media’s organizational involvement in university events, generates an avenue for alumni relations and manages the Student Media incentive program.  This person also plans, promotes, executes and evaluates all internal/staff events and the recruitment process.  They also manage and generate content for Student Media’s social network accounts such Facebook and Twitter as well as the departmental website.

Event Coordinators

The events coordinators plan, promote, execute and evaluate all organizational events.  Each event is created to promote and support each individual publication, as well as create a sense of unity between our staff members and their readers.  These students assist the Marketing Manager in larger projects and developing marketing research and also manage the assistant coordinators.

Assistant Coordinators

The assistant coordinators assist the event coordinators distribute advertising, contact volunteers and businesses, sell sponsorships and complete additional tasks associated with the event planning process.  Each person is assigned to a specific Student Media product and specializes in developing marketing and branding strategies throughout each semester.

Last updated: 3/8/2013

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