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Student Media’s Magazines Department produces five publications and is a creative outlet for staff members who have worked in The George-Anne. These students craft a creative yet informative publication that is distributed once every semester.
Contact the Magazine Editor-in-Chief at for more information on how to join.


Miscellany is our student arts magazine. It provides students across campus with an opportunity to see their creative work in print and on the page. Students submit their work online to be judged by faculty and students. Miscellany publishes any form of artwork that will fit in its pages. This includes poetry, short fiction and nonfiction, song lyrics, photography, paintings, graphic design, and sculpture, as well as a number of other mediums. Miscellany is released once in the fall and once in the spring.


The Reflector is our student interest magazine. It features stories about students and subjects that students really care about, including off-campus news, movie and music reviews, and in-depth information about what is going on around campus. Student Media staff members collaborate to create The Reflector. Stories and ideas come from our production team, our writers at The George-Anne and all of our staff in the Magazines Department. The Reflector comes out twice a year, once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester.

Our House

Our House is a guide for freshmen to the vast world of Georgia Southern University. It features information about traditions, services and life on campus. It introduces freshmen to Eagle culture and it gives them a chance to learn about Georgia Southern University from other students. The content for Our House is produced by students in the Communication Arts Department who receive class credit. Our House is released once a year in the Fall.

Our Neighborhood

Our Neighborhood is a guide for students to off-campus housing. It features information about all the housing options found throughout Statesboro including pricing, amenities, and certain apartment policies. Also in Our Neighborhood are listings for some of the many options Eagles have for eating around Statesboro. The content for Our Neighborhood is produced by students in the Communication Arts Department who receive class credit. Our Neighborhood is published once a year in the fall.

Lantern Walk

The Lantern Walk is created for our graduating Eagles and is distributed at graduation and commencement ceremonies. It features a list of those who are graduating, as well as Georgia Southern traditions, and a brief recap of their graduating semester. It is created by a combination of in-house staff and interning student writers. The Lantern Walk is published specifically for fall and spring graduations.

Last updated: 1/27/2016